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Bunch of Halloween Surprises at Bingo MagiX

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Bunch of Halloween Surprises at Bingo MagiX Just some more time to go and all of us can break off our Halloween surprises – food, costumes, decorations and much more. At Bingo MagiX too we await with baited breath for the Halloween day. A simple log in at the bingo rooms depicts the level of the fun and fiesta stacked at the bingo rooms.

Whilst you wait for the day, why not indulge in for loads of Halloween specials. First get started with your favourite slot games and bulk in loads of cash. You just need to make a deposit and claim up to 30% cash back. The next big fun in the list is the Scary Tree House. The fun is fitted in with the 75 ball bingo fun. You just have to step in for the fun at the 75 ball room to collect the special Halloween patterns and win bonus up to £100. The Halloween patterns to make are Explosion, Cornered, Hangman and Blackout. Just play any 2 special pattern games every hour. Collect the patterns and race to the top and win loads of good valued bonus.

Adding to the above, indulge in the fun of the bingo special – Jumping Halloween Jamboree and win anything between £5 and £500. Play 1 game every Top of the Hour from 1PM till 11PM. In all, you can indulge in the fun of 11 games. Inclusive to this, you also have the chance to double your winnings every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You just have to call bingo on the special pattern Pumpkin and you may double your winnings in bonus. Now that sounds quite a lot to bulk into your account. So, whilst you wait for the Halloween day, join in for some good spooktacular sprees at Bingo MagiX.

Embrace the New Season in Style at Bingo MagiX

Sunday, September 7th, 2014
Embrace the New Season in Style at Bingo MagiXCan you believe it, it’s September already? Just a while go, we were enjoying the bright sunny weather and now it’s already time to say goodbye to the warm weather and welcome the dry Autumn. Are you feeling a little laid back and missing the hot weather? If yes, then a must place for you to check out is Bingo MagiX! Here, we’ve got a big list of fun lined up for you, to ensure that you embrace this new season in good style.

A perfect one to get started with is The Guaranteed Jackpot Games! This fun is assorted to daily, weekly and monthly giveaways. In the daily fun you can join in for the standard 75 ball bingo classics happening at 11PM. And, the games are affixed with a jakcpot cash worth £250 to take away.

Next is the Weekly Jackpots happening every Monday at 9PM. The games are wrapped up with the fun of 80 ball bingo games and there is a whopping prize giveaway worth £500 to win. And, finally there is the Bumper Jackpots scheduled at the end of the month dated on 30th September. Joining in for this fun, you can get your hands over a big value of cash worth £1500.

To sum it all, it’s quite a delectable value of cash to win. So, why delay it all? Avail your tickets today! Also, you can claim free tickets for the games as well. There is up to 50 free tickets to claim across the bingo rooms. So, get started piling up your tickets from today.

Also ensure to log in to Bingo MagiX everyday and claim your £1 free bonus. This free bonus offered for a daily log in to the site. That means, over the month you can make it to a £30 free bonus. By now, you certainly would be waiting to get connected with the fun. Then why delay it, make way soon! Also, it’s a perfect time to be in there. Especially after the busy days, most of you would have had running after your kids, now it’s time you can sit back and relax with our good fun. See you soon!

Enjoy the Football Mania along with Online Gaming at Bingo MagiX

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

Enjoy the Football Mania along with Online Gaming at Bingo MagiX

Finally, it is the football season! And, the FIFA 14 needs no introduction. Whether you are a lover of the game or not, all of us are very much aware of the game, the venue, the teams, schedule of the games and the players. It certainly is a brilliant time for all football fans, as they can spend their time watching these games, cheering for their favourite teams and players.

In fact it is just not men who are a big fan of the football games but there is an active participation from women too. A lot of women take keen interest in watching football. Moreover, these days with the availability of gadgets like iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Android devices available, it becomes even easier for football fans to get in to the game play.

So does that mean, whilst you watch your favourite football games you will miss out on the good load of promotional offers at Bingo MagiX. I don’t think you can! Especially when you know each day for this month of June has something for you to take away.
Yes, for all bingo fans out there – you just cannot miss out on joining in for the June bingo fiesta. There is a perfect engaging bingo experience in store for you with jackpot winnings up for grabs on a daily basis.

Check out our 80 ball bingo specials! The games are intact with a variety of jackpot cash to win every week. Each day of the week is themed accordingly with a particular offering. And, they are:

  • Monday: Coverall – cash prizes up to £1,000 and guaranteed £100
  • Tuesday: Jumping Pot – cash prizes up to £1,000 and guaranteed £100
  • Wednesday: Fixed Pot – Guaranteed £100
  • Thursday: Seeded Pot – Guaranteed £100 or more
  • Friday: Double Pot – Win double the full house prize
  • Saturday: Jumping Pot – Guaranteed £100 and up to £1,000 to win
  • Sunday: Fixed Pot – Guaranteed £100

Now this is your competition. You just need to kick off the goals (bingo the full house) to bag in the big cash. So, whilst your favourite player is giving off his shots, you can get busy to tap a few bingo games at Bingo MagiX.

Additionally, you can try your luck on another jackpot special titled as the Jazzy June jackpots. The special is teamed with a cash offering worth £11,000. This jackpot cash is grouped under 3 jackpot specials. And, they are daily, weekly and the monthly offering. As per the daily offering, the game takes place every day at 11PM with a cash offering worth £250. Then, there is the weekly jackpot scheduled for every Monday at 9PM with a prize offering worth £500 to win. And, finally there is the bumper jackpot with a prize offering worth £1500 to win on 30th June. So, go ahead and jazz up your wins in style!

Besides the above offer, for an everyday log in at Bingo MagiX you will receive free £1 cash. You just have to log in and claim your free cash. Perhaps, you must take a leap in to the bingo rooms of Bingo MagiX as early as possible.
With the option of playing bingo from your smart phones you will not miss out on watching FIFA 14 plus you can enjoy the big winnings at Bingo MagiX. Kick off the fun now!

The centenary Titanic facsimile sets sail!

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Ever since I first heard the Titanic story, I was fascinated by the whole theme of ships, icebergs and the dark chilling Atlantic. When the movie came out, my fascination moved over to obsession. I have been reading, watching and collecting facts, fiction or anything else I could find on the same. Its been a century since Titanic made its maiden tragic voyage to the North Atlantic down taking with it 1500 lives and to mark the centenary of the tragic event, a Titanic Memorial cruise has started tracing back the exact route of the ill-fated ship.

I wish I could have gone on this trip but to tell you the truth it was a bit too much for me to afford at £6000. MS Balmoral has already left Southampton docks carrying 1309 passengers (exact number of passengers on board the original Titanic) and is expected to reach the wreck site over the weekend. There will be a memorial ceremony at the site and reports say that citizens from over 20 different countries are onboard. The best part of this journey is that The Balmoral will follow the exact route Titanic took via Cherbourg in north-west France and Cobh on the south coast of County Cork, Ireland and finally to the wreck site. From there, the ship will make its way to New York, the original destination of the Titanic.

I would have loved to go on the trip dressed as ‘Rose’ and some passengers did think on the same line. Some of them even came dressed in period costumes for the trip, reminiscent of the original journey.  Of the 1309 travellers onboard, most are relatives of the victims and a special service will be held at 02:20 GMT Next Sunday. This will be a very emotional journey for these people and most have brought with them flowers and family artefacts that once belonged to the deceased. I for one think this is the perfect way to mark the event. The decks and the carnival like atmosphere might not be the same, but it would be close to how the actual journey must have been. The Balmoral passengers would even have their meals from the original Titanic menu-talk about attention to detail huh? Wishing everyone onboard a very happy and safe journey!