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Posts Tagged ‘Life’

Because you’re worth it … !

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

loveThe foremost and most important thing in life is to love oneself. No matter if life is throwing lemons at you, don’t forget to take time for yourself and know that you are worth everything in this world. Know that you are important and you shall come out of it, whatever the situation be. Nothing, absolutely nothing can stop you if you believe in yourself.

Here are some general problems and their solutions for you:

Problem: You don’t like how you are

Solution: The beauty of lies in the fact that each one of us is different. It would have been utterly boring if all of us looked and thought alike. If you have a problem with yourself, kill it, face it and come out of it – don’t ever run from it. If it’s about physical appearance, make it your strength, make your uniqueness stand out.

Problem: She looks so much better

Solution: She might be pretty but then there are so many others who are pretty as well but none of them can be you. Accept your shortcomings and hone your strengths. Make your charisma all empowering.

Problem: Nothing is going right.

Solution: This is one of the most common problems with almost everyone because all of us think we are the most troubled people on earth.  Life is a journey and will always have some highs and lows. It’s the lows, which give us strength enough and realise what good is. Enjoy the journey.

Problem: He doesn’t love me as much as I love him

Solution: Always remember, “Love brings you face to face with yourself. It’s impossible to love others if you don’t love yourself.” You have to love yourself and he will be all into you.

Going through an Abusive Relationship: End it soon

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Going through an Abusive Relationship End it soonStay all alone is certainly a bad idea! No one would like the idea of living their life all alone, however at the same time, no of us deserve to spend an entire life in an abusive relationship. We all have been gifted with beautiful lives and certainly should not be wasted with someone who does not understand the worth of another human being. If you are staying with someone who is making your life miserable and does not value your presence in his or her life then by every means you need to step out and live your life the way you want. Stepping out from a relationship is not that easy as easily told, one needs to know what to do and how to do! Therefore, it is important for one to know certain the safest ways of ending a relationship.

The first step is to identify the kind of abuse you are going through and against what you need to stand up. Abuse can be various types like:

  • Emotional
  • Psychological
  • Verbal
  • Physical
  • Sexual
  • Combination of any of the above

It is very important for the person to understand the kind of abuse they are undergoing as it makes it easy to strategize you the ways to exit. Like for example, if you are undergoing a physical abuse in a relationship then you need to make a complete break off where in no longer you will have to stay with that person. You cannot be hurt physically unless you are touched, therefore the best way is to break up and leave. Similarly, in case of verbal abuse stop all forms of verbal communication. And, if they wish to talk to you, then it should be done in the presence of others. In case if the person is hurting you emotionally or psychologically, then as soon as a person starts doing so, then what they will get to hear should be the dial tone.

Next is, once you have taken the decision of leaving…you need to stick it by all means. For there is a chance, that as soon as your partner gets to know about your decision, he might try to compress the situation by:

  • Talking very sweetly and promising you to make things better by putting forth their best behaviour and end of all troubles.
  • Also, he might threaten you to worsen things and abuse you more.

 Thirdly, you got to be very strong in such situations. Seek the help of someone, in case the situation is getting too torturous and if you are not able to break out from the relationship. Law is always there to help you out from such traumatic situations. You will have to be strong enough to raise your voice against wrong as you have every right to live your life the way you want it. Also, your inner strength will give you the hope to begin your life on a positive note.

Finally, find strength in others. When you break off, the abuser might try to lure you. They will try to play with your emotions to win you back. Suddenly might start doing things that you like, however you need to be very strict with your decision. Surround yourself with people like friends and family who can decide the best for you and also support you in your decision. Interrogate yourself well, in regards to your needs and what you want from life and take a decision. Consider the fact, that whether you can back up the emptiness of the person or is it unbearable for to stay all by yourself. The solution does not come from what your friends and family tells you…it is in you- your thoughts make you the person you are. However, one thing you need to remember is that any relationship is healthy only when there is mutual respect existing between the partners. So, go on and love life as it should be lived.

By- Angelica Campbell

Dos and Don’ts for Single Moms

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Dos and Don’ts for Single MomsI know someone who is a single Mother and I would admit this that, life has been a tough challenge for her. Single parenting can be one of the toughest challenges a woman has to endure, however at the same time can be rewarding too. People had different stories to talk about her when she took this decision in her life of separating with her mate and going forward to take the onus of upbringing her two kids. Raising two kids all alone is nothing like sleeping on a bed of roses, especially in a city like London. Some people showed sympathetic feelings towards her, while some told her about the difficulties of being a single parent. Well, in spite of all this, her spirits were not dampened; in fact she took things in a positive note and embraced the situation rather than cribbing, crying and creating an unhealthy atmosphere for all. Thus, today she an excellent example for the ones, who are planning to be one, however is hesitant to take this decision, thinking about its consequences.

Spending some time with her and keeping a close watch on her, I’ve just realized a few things that every single parent can benefit in the upbringing of the children.

Be a Companion to them

Kids being raised without their fathers face extra challenges have certain extra behavioral or character traits in common, especially the teenage boys. Therefore, it is important for a single Mom to keep an eye for these qualities, so that you help them to overcome it and make them into a confident and happy adult. As per my research that such kids are left with feelings like being incomplete, fatherless, left out, lacking identity and loneliness. Being a single Mom, you will have to be your kid’s best friend to shun away those feelings embedded in them. Only by being a strong companion can you let the child feel that sense of belonging. Thus, you have to give your 100% towards the kids.

Talk to them everyday

Being a single Mother, you certainly will be caught with loads of work and would be busy most of the time, however it is a must that you will have to spend time everyday to talk to your kids. Even if you are dying to sleep at the end of the day, you will have to listen to what they have got to say. As they will need someone to share their issues and you are the best person in their life.

Practice what you preach

Do not expect the kids to just accept the things that you preach or whatever they learn at school. Instead, set examples for them. You will have to show them why it is important to have manners or why is it necessary to be disciplined. You will have to practice what you preach.

Follow the eat together rule religiously

Yes, you need to sit down with your kid at least for one meal in a day. It is a bit difficult to accompany in the day meals, therefore make it must to sit down for dinners. Probably, on weekends you can make things even better by giving more time and meeting up with all their food demands. Do not make it a quick eating session but talk, bond and cherish the moments


This is compulsory. You will have to appreciate them for their work. You can team them along with yourself for small chores that you do at home like laying the table, cleaning the shelf and at the end of it all you got to appreciate them in any way that could be through words, sometime may be fulfilling any of their wish. At the same time, do not bow down in front of their unnecessary demands for good parenting does not mean to agree to all their fancies.

Good Luck!

By- Angelica Campbell

What Men want in a Relationship?

Friday, December 21st, 2012

What Men want in a RelationshipWhat actually men want in a relationship? This question is a frequently asked by women. In fact, this question has been trickling in the minds of women since ages and the question always seems to remain unanswered. The problem is that women think the obvious answer to this is – having dinner and sex. Well, these above mentioned are two excellent components of a successful relationship-however it is just a part of the relationship and not the heart. Mature, emotional men expect a lot, many things from a relationship. Find out a few important things mentioned below that men wish for to enjoy a healthy relationship.

  • Respect: Men wish to be the hero in her lady’s life. And, in the century that we live in makes it difficult and challenging for today’s women does not need a hero. The women of today aim to be independent, carefree and capable of managing their life themselves. However, in a relationship women have to show respect for their man. And, this can be done in numerous ways! You can compliment him on certain occasions. Like, probably if he has fixed something in the house or probably handled a query very well. Showing respect to your man, will make him feel that he is doing the right thing. Vocalizing your respect to him will make him realize the worth of the relationship. (It is human psychology, any human will love to get respect.) Let him be the man of the house and let him provide you things in a masculine way. At times, when he is planning for a special date or something and wants to arrange it all by himself, allow him to do so and you should not be giving too many of your suggestions. (Well, this is again restricted to certain areas, do not show it for a man who is doing things wrong.)

Finally, no man likes the idea of living a life as though in a pressure cooker. Therefore, let him discover you at his own pace. Do not  pressure  him with to know you just in few days.

  • Encouragement and Appreciation: Men appreciate your appreciation! With constant support to your man, you can make your man a better person. Appreciate him, if he has done something special for you. That could be like- a surprise birthday party planned for you, a new dress gifted to you, helped you in decorating the home or could be even preparing the Sunday lunch. Tell him, how his ideas have helped you in your professional work. At times, surprisingly when he gets tea for you at night, it makes you really happy. Do not overdo it! However, in situations where it demands, take a step forward and show it. Doing this, you make him realize that why he is sharing his life with you.
  • Companionship: Be a friend to him. Men love companionship. Men love to go out for a beer with other guys and watch sports with their friends. You would have seen, how much they enjoy with their male friends. Therefore, you too can be a good friend to him or giving him company when he is watching his favourite sport (at least once in a while). And, topping it all is that men look out for women with a sense of humour. The ability not to take things seriously and laugh out loud when things are really funny will make your man feel that you have made the right choice. Enjoy fun activities together as that will make your relationship healthy. When you have chosen each other, you got make your choices lively.  

By- Angelica Campbell