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Posts Tagged ‘Lottery’

One Very Rewarding Mistake

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

You might have already heard of this story by now, but my ears are a little slow so bear with me. This is about a Wisconsin man who purchased a $14 Million lottery winning ticket by mistake. I don’t mean to whine but mistakes like this never happen to me. My mistakes usually end up with me paying a little bit more of credit card bills but that’s all it ever gets to. Back to the story, so this man thought he was buying lottery tickets for another days’ draw but accidentally managed to win the jackpot with the ticket in hand. Napolean Elvord bought the tickets from a coffee shop where he goes more than twice every day and occasionally buys lottery tickets. I do the same thing during my breaks but still no luck :-(

Even more astonishing is the fact that the man didn’t even know he had won $14 Million after the results were announced. For several days his $14 Million worth ticket was just lying on his table waiting to be found. When the employees at Kelley Williamson Mobil store learned that they had sold the winning ticket to one of their customers, they asked Elvord if he had the winning ticket and he said no. Not once, but twice Elvord dismissed the fact that he could be the lottery winner. After he found the ticket on his table, Elvord took it to the state Lottery office and confirmed that he was indeed the winner. He will soon turn 60 and plans to move back to Texas with the money and get his health insurance.

Some might call it just plain dumb luck but I think it just goes to show that if it is in your stars to win the lottery, it will come to you no matter what. For millions of lottery fans out there, don’t fret if you bought a ticket by mistake or even if your numbers aren’t as fancy as you had hoped they would be. You never know, the odd ticket could make you a millionaire tomorrow. Hope for the best, keep playing and good luck!

Read full story here

Ways to better your lottery luck.

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

I love the National Lottery. Just the thought becoming an overnight millionaire gives me Goosebumps which is why I take part in the draw almost every week. One of these days, I know I’m going to get lucky and win my jackpot but the big question is when. I am starting to get a bit tired of just picking numbers and waiting for lady lucky to take a cab and visit me. I think its time I went out looking for her! I was discussing the whole bringing in luck with my friend and he gave me some very interesting food for thought.

Now, its almost certain that you just cannot boost your lottery luck in any logical way but it seems there are ways to increase your chances. I know what you are thinking, just quit the yapping and tell us already. But wait, before I give you information on boosting your luck, I just want to state for the record that I am not responsible in case you don’t win even after this. So this article I happened to read recently told me about recurring trends in the online lottery business. The article states that the number 38 was the most drawn number in the National lottery ever since 1994. Any guesses as to which was the least drawn? No? Number 13. I don’t know if the number is unlucky or not but National Lottery definitely seems to have something against 13.

The article also describes that the most drawn number for Euromillions lottery is 50 and the least drawn is 32. However, there is a certain section of players who believe that the least picked numbers are the ones to go with as they are more likely to come up in the next pick. I am really not good at maths so I’ll leave the permutation stuff to you folks. The lottery luck also seems to side certain geographic areas than others. For instance, the Romford postcode has witnessed 84 jackpot winners and another 300 residents winning £50,000 or more. The luckiest lottery postcodes also include Enfield, Dartford, Kent, Newcastle, Sunderland, Warrington and Liverpool. If you are travelling to any of these places, get yourself few tickets and that too on those most drawn numbers. If you do win the lottery because of this blog, don’t forget to thank me. I accept gifts and I’m free all week including Sundays! Cheers!

Lottery Groupies, This one’s for you!

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

They say, two heads are better than one and when it comes to lottery, the more the heads the better. Make sense doesn’t it? Everyone chips in a little share and if your pool of tickets has the winning number, you’ve made it, otherwise a small price to pay at your shot at riches. That’s what I had been following until say last couple of weeks when I opted out. I just couldn’t imagine my friends winning the lottery and so I decided to spend my lottery allowance on something else.  However, this little news shook me so hard that I’m thinking about doubling my lottery allowance.

The news that caught my eye was that of a female bus driver who missed out on £38 million lottery just because she pulled out a few months back. Talk about hard luck huh? The article reports that she couldn’t afford to chip in £2 a week to keep with the rest and she pulled out six months back. I personally think it was the Devil himself that made her pull out! The report says that the female is completely devastated and broke. Who wouldn’t be? After you get soo close to winning the catch of a lifetime, you let your guard down just for a while and there-slips right by your fingers and your friends are multimillionaires.

I had only pulled out two weeks back because I was just tired of waiting. Every weekend, I’d be hoping for a miracle only to get disappointed in the end. Similarly I reduced playing hours of online bingo for jackpot games and thought it’s a long wait but as soon as I saw this one, I am thinking of going back and even called up my groupies and I’m back in starting this weekend. I mean this could be Gods way of telling me, “Look out, you are next”. I just cannot afford to make a mistake such as this unlucky lady after having played regular lottery for the past two years. Even if we don’t win anything during this lifetime, just knowing that I wouldn’t have to go through this pain is enough. If you believe in luck then save on a couple of muffins and spend that on the lottery. Who knows, your two pounds could be worth millions!

£50,000 for Cleaning Your Room!

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

My room’s always a mess and I like the mess. I do not like the whole concept of ‘things should be where they should belong’. I mean if things are exactly where they are supposed to belong, I wouldn’t have to take it from its place and put it where I can reach right? Anyways my folks and I are just not on the same page and they seem to have found a perfect alibi for their relentless nagging.

There was an article in ‘The Mirror’ or something about some kid finding a £50,000 winning lottery ticket when he cleaned his room. A bit of poking around and shocked as I was, it seems the story is true. This kid Ryan of Penicuik, Midlothian has indeed won £50,000 for cleaning his room. This kid’s mom also used to nag him into cleaning his room and when he finally did, found a winning lottery ticket. The report says that his dad has been playing lottery for years and has never won anything more than £50 and he is raged. No surprises Ryan, if I were your dad, even I would be. But jokes apart, I think he is a good kid. I mean he volunteers for a charity and still continues with his day job. If it were me, I think I would have blown it all off on cloths and exotic vacations. No wonder I never win anything. My mom has taken up this story and is trying to convince me that there is a hidden treasure somewhere under the heaps of cloths and junk and that I can keep all the money if I do find something. As stupid as it might sound, I’m really tempted to start cleaning and try my luck in winning.

I have taken the odd lottery ticket here and there and they say there is a chance lightening striking the same place twice. I have never won anything in my life but this could be the one single break that can change my life. I don’t know if it’s the news that’s messing with my head or just the genuine curiosity of what I might find but I think I’ll start cleaning my room (Yes! I know shocking what news can do). I’m not betting on the lottery like Ryan but maybe I can find something useful down there.