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Posts Tagged ‘Mascara’

Eye Make-up for Different Eye Shapes

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Eye Make-up for Different Eye ShapesEyes are an epitome of one’s beauty. And, girls love to deck their eyes with loads of make-up. Looking at the celebrities and their eye make-up, it gets so tempting to try the same. As promoted on Television and internet, beauty can be achieved by applying a good load of make-up. Even, I agree to this statement that make-up can bring out a lot of difference in a woman’s face. And, especially the eyes a little bit of eye make-up can actually do wonders to your eyes. There are various types of eye shapes that a woman can actually have and accordingly there are make-up tips designed. One should use make- up in a manner so as to highlight their features and personality. One should not just go ahead and simply copy the queens portrayed in the magazines, but set an individual identity by doing things that suits them the best.

If you are interested in creating unique looks then firstly you have to know about your eye shape and then do things that look the best in your eyes. The prominent eye shapes are:

  • Almond eye shape: This is probably one of the most beautiful eye shapes of the lot. And, if you are gifted with such an eye-shape then you are really lucky to have it. The big celebrities to have it are Catherine Zeta Jones and Liv Tyler. In such kind of eyes, to enhance them one need not apply too much of eye liner on the eyelid as it will make the eyes look very small.
  • Down Turned Eyes: This kind of eyes creates an illusion of lassitude due to the downward angle of the outer eye corners. The actress Katie Holmes has such eyes. And, she shades the eyes up and out in order to lift the eyes. Heavy usage of mascara is not advisable on the outer lashes and eye-liner needs to be applied with an upward twist.
  • Heavy Lidded news: Girls with such eyes can actually create a little bit of difficulty to their owners. As at times, one might face trouble in applying proper eye shadow so that the eyes do not look tired and clumsy. However, the excellent option of having such eyes is that you can experiment with colours, but do not apply too much of mascara and eye liner. Actresses like Cher and Madonna are excellent examples to this.
  • Deep set eyes: Such eye shapes are embedded deep in the socket, with very little increases in the eyelid. Even the eyebrows are positioned slightly closer to the eyes. And, if you have such eyes and want an inspiration to try a certain look then Demi Moore and model Claudia Schiffer can be an excellent source for the same. Applying eye liner on a water line is not advisable and you are free to use lots and lots of mascara.
  • Hooded Eyes: In such eye shapes, a small amount of skin is folded over the sack that creates an illusion of tiredness. And, this comes with age. It is advisable not too use heavy makeup and basically one should keep it simple.

Well, these were the five basic shapes that women have and be at any shape, you can always make your eyes look great and expressive by applying make-up in a proper way.

By – Angelica Campbell

Woman take more Make up during Christmas

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Woman take more Make up during ChristmasFestive time automatically means it’s time to fix that perfect look to everything- home,  furniture, clothes, cake and of course yourself.  Yes, festive time, it is not only our homes that get the new look but women work three times more on their make-up than the usual.

Yes, according to a poll, women wear three times more make up during Christmas. On a normal day they apply just four cosmetic items where as during Christmas it’s 12. And, that means more hours is spent in front of the mirror to get that perfect look. A survey showed that the everyday make up staples in a woman’s make up bag included mascara, blusher, foundation and a lip gloss. During, a regular night out, the make-up kit gets added with extras like eyeliner, lip gloss, eye shadow and bronzer. And, during Christmas, the bag will get stuffed with stuff like false eye lashes, glitter, highlighter, spray and a lot more. The survey also showed stated that women go out on an average of four times in a week and that means they spend 16 times more grooming themselves.

In fact, women who normally do not wear makeup also dip in the festive spirit and try out the numerous ways of decking up and impressing everyone.

A few party make-up tips:

  • Strong brows are a trend in this season- Define your brows with a brow powder to give that extra depth and you can even have your brows tinted.
  • Instead of false eye lashes, you can lash it up with some really amazing mascara available in the market. Take your time, while applying the same so that you coat every lash gives each one of it maximum impact so that your eyes look much bigger.
  • Next is, smokey eyes as this is something that will never move out from fashion. It is one of the best ways to fix up that glam party look. Especially, these days when there are so many fantastic make up kits available in the market, you can fix up the exact look that you wish to have.       
  • Ensure to coat your lips with a lip gloss to give that shimmering glossy look.

Sara Stern, Beauty Trading Director at Debenhams said “Making sure you have the essential Christmas beauty products is as important as important as remembering the Turkey and sprouts at Christmas dinner”.

By- Angelica Campbell