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At Bingo MagiX, the Fun follows wherever you go!

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

At Bingo MagiX, the Fun follows wherever you go!Time and tide wait for none! This is one quote that has revolutionized the world to a great extent. Currently, we live in a world where things happen in a blink of an eye. Be it anything – buying a new car, a new dress, going for a holiday or anything else, it’s just a few clicks that we need to make to have it.

We at Bingo MagiX too know it well, how to value every second in life. And, that is the reason we facilitate the option of bingo gaming from the mobile platform. Now you need not wait to be in front of the computers to play bingo. With the availability of gadgets like smartphones, tablets, 3G connections, iPhones and free Wi-Fi, you can be a part of the bingo fun the very moment you wish to have it.

Have you tried it yet? If no, then start up for the fun soon. We support the online bingo play on various mobile platforms. The games are compatible on a range of communication devices like iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Blackberry and Window phones. So, if you have one of these devices why delay the fun? Do not limit your phone just to access Facebbok and taking pictures, there is a lot more to do than that. All that you will have to do is just log in to Bingo MagiX via your mobile phone and start playing the games. You can also directly type the link on your mobile devices to play bingo!

For all newbies signing up to Bingo MagiX via the mobile option, are offered a £20 free bingo bonus to explore the site. Ahead to this, they can even choose to make a deposit and enjoy the big sized Welcome Bonus offer of 300% matched to each of the first three deposits. And, now coming to the best part of gaming from the mobile phone – the games! There is an absolutely big list of the games to hang out with. You have the advantage of playing bingo and mini games as well.

New Games

A few names to mention are King of Slots, Farm Run, Big Ben, Santa in Town, Queen of Legends, Five Pirates, Arabian Nights, Pharoah, Lost Treasure,Old MacDonald Farm and much more.

Hot Games

Along with this, there are Hot Games like Treasures of Egypt, Rolling in Dough, Honey Bees, Top Speed, Fish Toons, Lucky Devils and Beticus Maximus.

Play Slots

The slot games include Coffee House, Painted Elephant and Chasin Treasures. Plus there are a few more that can be accessed only on iOS and Android devices. They are Lucky Clover, Vegas Nights, Caribbean Nights and Beach Front.

Scratch Cards

A few games in the scratch card zone to mention are Lucky Fish, Cold Cash, Happy Hour, Go Bananas and Cold Cash.

Casino Games

Additionally there are casino games to play as well that include European Blackjack, Classic Blackjack, Deuces Wild, Roulette, Jacks or Better, Roulette and Three Hand Blackjack.

All of these above mentioned are instant games. The games look pretty interesting in their fantastic themes. Furthermore the games are also loaded with tons of prize giveaways that you can have it in just few clicks.

Besides the instant fun, you also have the opportunity to access a wide range of bingo games too. There are games like 30 ball, 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball bingo games to play. And for each of these games there is exclusive bingo rooms assigned to play at. There is the 90 ball Bumper Jackpots, 90 ball Citi Hall, 90 ball Money Ladder, 80 ball Weekly Jackpots, 80 ball Down Town, 80 ball Shaken and Stirred, 75 ball Daily Jackpots, 75 ball Hangout Bingo, 30 ball Free Bingo and a lot more. You can access all these bingo rooms via your mobile. Plus, you also can be a part of the promotional offers and bag out the high prized bingo jackpots.

To sum it all the level of entertainment offered via the mobile phones is absolutely similar as you get to play from your computer and laptops. Also, do not be laid back thinking about the look of the site. You can enjoy the same look of the games and rooms from your mobile as you get to see from the computer. In fact, playing bingo from mobile phones is more advantageous as you can hang out with the fun and click the good valued prizes from a place of your choice.

Therefore for those of you who are yet to join the revolution, we must say that you are missing out on quite a lot. So jump in to the Bingo MagiX mobile bandwagon and take your bingo ride! No matter wherever you are, with the mobile play you can never miss out on being a part of the bingo fun. Any time, any place you can get connected with the bingo fun from your mobile phone.

Do your check your Partner’s Mobile Phone Often?

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

Do your check your Partner’s Mobile Phone OftenDo you consider yourself the perfect partner to your mate? Well, there are lots of ways, you can prove the same. Trust is considered to be one of the most important aspects of a relationship. So, here is something to check out, how much trust and faith you have in your partner. Are the one, who is quite often tempted to snap your partner’s mobile to check out stuff that probably you feel you are unaware about? Well, that is a clear indication that you do not have complete trust on your partner. A situation like this generally arises when there is something really wrong going on in your relationship and that needs to be talked about, rather than you stealthily snapping a look into your partner’s mobile phone. Checking out the phone is majestically wrong and certainly should be stopped. There are reasons to state why you should avoid peeping into your partner’s mobile phone.

Firstly, it’s a breach of trust: Instead of taking a sneak peek into your partner’s mobile why not clear the doubts by making a straight forward move and speaking out in regards to all the suspicions raised in your mind. Talking is the best way to settle any issue. No issue can be resolved without confronting it.

A small doubt will lead to suspicions: Also, if there is any issue and may be you are a person who does not like the idea of checking out your partner’s mobile but also at the same time you do not want to talk about it, is also not a good option. This will affect you from inside and your day to day activities. The negative feelings will screw up your thought process and the same can prove detrimental to your relationship.

In any situation, that makes you feel that you need to keep an eye on him, well then there is something seriously wrong in your relationship. And, if you do not deal with it immediately then things might worsen up. However, this does not mean that you are supposed to believe things blindly, whatever is being told to you. Do not give room to the slightest doubt in your mind. Clear it out! Speak it out, or if required give an end to things, but do not carry on things unnecessary ahead. Decision taking is more important than just simply beating around the bush.

Next time, if such a situation arises, you should be prepared to deal it. Actions are always louder than words. However, here words are louder than actions!

By – Angelica Campbell