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Posts Tagged ‘Mom’

UK Moms Can’t Wait For School To Reopen

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

I like news on different types of researches and very often, research just confirms what you already know doesn’t it? The latest one is regarding moms, their children and summer holidays. New research shows that four in every ten moms want the summer holidays to end as soon as possible because having kids at home drastically changes their routine. Mothers in the UK are worried that during the summer months, they would have to rely on friends and relatives to take care of their kids.

Its ironic that the months kids look forward to all through the year are what gives parents the scare. Parents find it especially challenging to keep kids occupied during rainy days. Yes, its difficult for moms to adjust their daily routine and it could be a challenge keeping the kids occupied but its only for a few weeks right? There are tons of things you can do to make your kids’ summer vacation both memorable and enjoyable.

First understand what your kids enjoy the most. If your kids are the silent type like my little daughter, you are lucky. They are easier to engage and will quietly sit somewhere with a book or maybe even a video game or two.  Ask your trustworthy neighbours if they have any kids of the same age. Time flies for children when they are having fun so bring all the kids in the neighbourhood together. It will be also easier for parents to take turns taking care of the lot during the summer.

Give your kids small projects that they can do it by themselves. Do not force these projects on them but make it interesting and rewarding. Reward them with candy or their favourite toy for making something creative and soon you’ll have a quiet kid just working away in his own world. With great events coming up in London, a trip to the city might be a good idea. If you use a little imagination, the summer will go by too quickly and you’ll probably just end up wishing it lasted a bit longer.