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Your Bedroom Colours Influence your Emotions

Monday, January 27th, 2014

Your Bedroom Colours Influence your Emotions Colours play a very important role in affecting our moods. Experts have even stated that using specific shades for your home can also impact on your well being and also for those within that space.

Room colours, particularly of your home can dramatically affect on your moods and feelings to a considerable extent. When it comes to decorating your home, one should select colours wisely. Each one of us has a separate perception for colours. All of us build our perceptions about colours deeply based on our experiences and culture.

Although each one of us have our own personal takes on colours, but choosing the right shade for your home is just more than choosing any bucket of paint that appeals you. Experts have suggested that it is important to truly analyze how a colour makes us feel rather than just following the usual trends.

Dr. Sally Augustin, a fellow at the American Psychological Association stated that emotional responses to colours depend upon their saturation and level of brightness. Colours that are less saturated and relatively bright like sage green are quite relaxing to look at. On the other hand, saturated colours and not too bright like rich sapphire blue look quite energizing.

Here is a list of few colours suggested by the experts.


Red is a big no – no for your bedroom. The colour red does stimulate a lot of energy, promotes liveliness and excitement but the colour is not a good choice for your bedroom. However, the colour is a good choice for your dining or living room where people prefer to sit down for a chat, discussion or a dinner. As the colour stimulates one’s energy and promotes liveliness and is exactly the colour required when mingling with your friends. Also, the colour is good to spark your appetite.


The colour blue is better known for its soothing and serene effects. Certain shades of blue have very soothing effects. And, the colour aims to provide calmness and helps in sleeping. The soft variations of blue have a very cooling effect when applied on the wall.


Chocolate brown painted on all the four walls makes the place look more like a cocoon. The room would give more of a cozy and safe feeling where in you can snuggle yourselves on your bed.


Lavender is quite a rich colour but it again depends upon the hue that is being used. The colour was used a lot in royalty and there are some people who signify the colour purple with wealth as well. Therefore, the colour is an ideal option for those who wish to make their home look more luxurious with minimal effort. However, some experts have stated that the colour purple tends to stimulate the creative part of the brain. And, bedroom is the place where we should rest or brain, so not a very appropriate colour again.


The colour black does have the ability to give bare walls an elegant flair. But, some have even suggested that black colour invokes negative feelings. The colour provokes negative feelings of melancholy. Using black in small doses or going for a lighter shade like grey is a good option instead.