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Prone to Mood Swings: Learn it here why!

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Prone to Mood Swings Learn it here why!Are you the one who is proned to those really bizarre mood swings? A moment you might feel as if you are on top of the world and the very second moment you might feel as why on earth are you living! Women would be quite acquainted with this kind of a problem.

The chemical messengers buzzing inside play a very important role in ruling your body. They just do not take care of your appetite, sex drive, weight, cycle but they take even take care of your emotions. Hormonal weirdness is quite a common problem these days and over it no one has a control over it. Well, there are a few things that you should know that are responsible for screwing up your mental and physical health. The below mentioned are a few reasons:

Addiction to Sweets

Consumption of foods that have too much of sugar content is directly linked to adding weight to your body. Excess pounds in your body can make your body resistant to insulin – the hormone that moves sugar into your bloodstreams so that cells in your body get the required amount of energy.

Stressing out Late at Night

Staying awake until late nights can add to the anxiety levels. Normally, the stress hormone cortisol drops at nigjht time and the same helps you to unwind and sleep. So, getting anxious or tensed in the late hours means your cortisol levels are increasing.

Being an Insomniac

 Lack of sleep tends to increase your cortisol levels and this in turn will increase your level of blood sugar. So ensure to snuggle in your couch at the right time and get enough sleep. Else, you would end up junking your system with different kinds of unhealthy food and that is also a way of stressing yourself. When you sleep, the level of hunger related hormone called leptin signals your body that you do not need to eat. Staying awake, your body will not produce the required amount of leptin and this will automatically make you feel hungry the next day. And, automatically your body will be prone to weight gain. Cortisol is the culprit here. Caffeine signals your body to boost the production of cortisol that can make you feel anxious and not in good mindset. So, just limit yourself to two cups of caffeine every day.

Attendance to the Gym

Without regular exercise, your body will not produce the appropriate amount of endorphins. Endorphins are the positive chemicals in the brain that will make you feel positive and alert. It also helps to keep your immune system functioning well by increasing your libido. The more you exercise or move about, the more endorphins your body produces. So ensure to fix up for at least half an hour of work out every day.

Crash Diets: Too much of dieting is bad. You must ensure to consume the appropriate amount of food on a daily basis. A balanced diet is a must.


Besides all of the above, another reason for women getting cranky is PMS. Generally, women have the habit of reaching out to sweets during their PMS. Instead of reaching out for something sweet, there are other foods too that can take care of your mood swings during PMS and they are: wine, sweet potatoes, skimmed milk and spinach.

Save our Tigers – Part II

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Save our Tigers – Part IIIn the previous article, we discussed about the threats to the tigers around the world. And, now it is high time to discuss about the solutions that can take care to curb this big threat that this big gift from nature is endangered with. From 100,000 to 3,200 is seriously a big concern. However, in spite of the threats, there is still hope that we can fight for the preservation of the tigers.

Now, if your question is that why we should care about tigers? Then, here are the answers mentioned below:

Healthy tiger population leads to healthy ecosystems.

  • Decline in the number of tigers, clearly states that our ecosystem is in trouble.
  • The ecosystems help to supply nature and people with fresh food, water and other vital requirements – and that concludes the fact – saving tigers is saving human beings.
  • By protecting tiger habitat, we help to mitigate the climatic changes as well. Majority of tigers survive in the forests of Asia, that are critical for their biodiversity but also as stores of carbon dioxide that end up released to the atmosphere when forests are cut down.
  • Just like predators, tigers are umbrella species protecting others benefit from other species, also including other endangered species that share the tiger habitat and a part of their habitat.
  • Tigers can be a direct source to help the planet’s some poorest communities. Places with an easy accessibility to tigers helps to increase the tourism of that particular place and also support the local economy. Conservation of tigers also helps to provide alternative livelihoods for rural communities that are sustainable and help to raise the income levels.

 What needs to be done?

  • Put an end to the demand of tiger parts: Poaching is the biggest threats to tigers. Educate and inform people about conserving this world wide heritage. It is necessary for people to change their habits especially when it is at the cost of someone else’s life.
  • Focus on anti poaching activities at critical tiger sites and clamp down tiger trade. Organizations like WWF have build political will in tiger range countries to protect and connect tiger habitats on a massive scale.
  • Protection of tigers in existing parklands, establishment of new protected areas for tigers. Create corridors that connect parklands and allowing tigers to roam and find adequate mates for breeding.
  • Organizations like WWF are doing their bit to protect the tiger habitat by engaging with the timber, paper and agricultural industries to implement sustainable practices that further help to reduce habitat destruction and degradation.
  • Reduce human-tiger conflict: Provide innovative solutions and educational programs to reduce conflicts between tigers and local communities.

 You can help to save tigers too!

No matter where you live or where are you from, or what is your standard of living, you are still responsible for the extinction of this animal. The planet belongs to each one of us, hence it is our duty to save the tiger.

Following the below mentioned steps, can help our children and grandchildren live in a world where in tigers will still be considered as a top predator and a powerful symbol of reverence.

The good news is that we can save the tigers!

  • Tell tiger rangers you care by sending them a postcard. Rangers are the unsung heroes who put their lives in danger working under harsh conditions on frontlines, keeping the wild tigers safe. It is time to recognize these heroes. Tell rangers you care and support their work. Send them a post card.
  • Donate to the tiger projects. Raise cash for emergency funds and anti-poaching patrols
  • Do not buy anything containing tiger parts. Poaching of tigers takes place due to demand in tiger parts. Tiger parts like bones are used for traditional medicines and skin for clothes.
  • Purchase forest friendly products. After poaching, the biggest threat to tigers is the destruction of their forest home. You can help to stop the habitat loss by buying products from sustainable forestry and agricultural operations.
  • Spread the word: The more people realize the importance of the issue, the faster can we resolve it. So go on and educate your friends and family members.

Also, there are organizations in the world that currently aim to help in the conservation of tigers. One of the most popular one in the list is Word Worldlife Fund. It is an international non-governmental organization working on issues in regards to the conservation, research and restoration of the environment. You can find out more about their organizational goals and lend your support to them.