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Posts Tagged ‘Night’

What does your Sleeping position reveal about you?

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

What does your Sleeping position reveal about you?Sleeping is undoubtedly one of the best ways to banish a bad mood and attain a healthy lifestyle. Adequate sleep not only adds to a good health but also benefits your mind, weight, heart and so much more. There was a saying that “sleep used to be kind of ignored, like parking a car in a garage and picking it up in the morning.” However, these days’ people have realized the benefits of sleep and people try and ensure to complete the required hours of sleep. Also, just not sleep but also the manner in which we sleep affect our personality by determining how we feel the next day morning.

Like there are different positions in which we all sleep. Below mentioned are some ways that we sleep and what they denote about us:

  • People who sleep on their back with arms stretched out in front, wake up feeling absolutely refreshed and eager to start of the day in a fresh new way. This is the healthiest way of sleeping.
  • Sleeping with face down and arms outstretched indicates a feeling of being out of control, too tired and no energy.
  • People who sleep with a straight body are stubborn and will feel stiff in the morning.
  • One of the most popular styles is the fetal position. Around 58% of people sleep on their side with their knees up and head down. And, this style of sleeping is associated with stress. These people can expect to wake up refreshed the next day morning after having dealt with the previous day’s work.

Well, the above mentioned are the common positions that most of us tend to sleep. And, I personally have covered all these ways of sleeping some time or the other. So, I guess what does my personality reveal? What would you have to say to this? Have you hit all these sleeping positions some time or the other. So, what would you have to say about yourself – do let us know.

By- Angelica Campbell

Secrets to Plan a Perfect hen Party

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Secrets to Plan a Perfect hen PartyIt is a good idea to get involved in a hen party. Any bride would love to join in for one and talk about all her doubts regarding the big night. Nobody wants a stripper or indulge in any risqué entertainment, so it is always better to chat over all your doubts, so that you do not cause any embarrassment later on. So, call up all your best buddies. Plan out a good destination, venue, theme and the way you actually want a hen party to be organized. Here are a few ways to plan out a perfect hen night:

  • Plan the budget: You need to fix up an accurate budget. If you want to action the parties you had been fancying off, then you certainly need to plan out a proper budget, keeping in mind things like travel, accommodation, food, drinks and other stuff. So you got to plan it out and check out the options as how you can accommodate the budget.
  • Choosing the Venue: Selecting an appropriate place is very important especially that suits to the likes of all members involved in the party. There are various options available to decide the right place. Choosing a hotel room, escaping from the crowd and going somewhere in the outskirts of the city or even camping in the woods can be a great option. Else, having it in the home is also a good idea, if you have the option of enjoying absolute privacy along with your friends.
  • Carry all the important accessories that you might require during the hen night party. Filling in the party night with loads of naughty games is a good option as that can help you to break the ice with some friends that you may have not been quite close to. Some good accessories to carry are veils, handcuffs, hen night bags, glow sticks. Well, you got to be bold and daring! Have fun!
  • Of course, some great food options have to be arranged along with your favourite drinks and cocktails. Ensure to check out with the bride as what options she is looking out for.
  • In the hen party, ensure to prioritize the bride’s emotions. As her emotions will be extremely high and it is important that she does not undergo any kind of pressure at that time. It is vital that you take care of the hen. Keep her away from any disputes, ensure that she enjoys to the fullest and if she has had too many cocktails and if she needs a bed then see that you arrange the same for her.
  • Ensure to deck the fun with loads of enjoyment like dancing, singing, music, drinks, food and everything all girls enjoy to do.
  • Seal the Memories: Ensure to carry your camera and take videos, so that you capture all the lovely interesting moments. Years after, you can look back at it and laugh. And, yes do not forget to carry some of your favourite outfits and make-up kits, so that you give that perfect look for pictures that you can post in Facebook.

If you know someone who is likely to get married soon then you got to go ahead and plan the best ever hen party you would have ever indulged in. Get going soon!

By- Angelica Campbell

Does your Baby Cry at Night: Leave them to sleep on their own?

Friday, January 4th, 2013

Does your Baby Cry at Night Leave them to sleep on their ownAll Moms have this urge to rush to their baby, if they start crying in the middle of their sleep at night. Experts say that it is not a healthy practice to do something like this. Instead Parents should resist their urge of responding to their baby’s cry immediately, and they should be allowed to return to sleep all by themselves. Researchers have checked with more than 1,200 parents regarding the sleeping habits of their children and found out that there were two distinct groups. A two-third of the kids slept all through the night, whereas a one-third woke up every night. Majority of the kids that failed to indulge in a complete sleep at night were boys, as they required breastfeeding or had Moms prone to greater maternal sensitivity. According to the study, published in a journal Developmental Psychology stated that babies move through a sleep cycle in every one and a half to two hours where in they wake up for some time to nod off again. And, if Mothers tune into these night time awakenings then the baby will not learn to self-soothe and that could be critical for regular sleep. Professor Marsha Weinraub from Temple University, Philadelphia stated that it is the best is to put infants to bed at a regular time and left to sleep on their own and also resist the urge of attending them right away as soon as they start crying. She has done a detailed research about the sleeping habits of more than 1200 babies.

Reaching up to 6 months of age, most infants sleep throughout night, waking up their Moms just once in a week. This rule was not applicable for all children. The study examined the sleeping habits of infants aged from 6 to 36 months and spoke about two groups: sleepers and transitional sleepers. Her team had consulted Parents of more than 1, 200 infants to report about their kids awakening at 6, 15, 24 and 36 months. The study revealed that in the first 6 months of age, 66% of babies did not wake up at night or may be waked up just once. However, a 33% woke up every all the 7 nights in a week till 6 months and the number dropped to nights by 15 months, followed by 1 night by 24 months. And, the majority babies that woke up were boys. The transitional sleepers scored higher in the tests and assessed a difficult temperament with traits like irritability and distractibility. These babies were likely to be breastfed at night. It was also told that, Mothers who suffered from depression during pregnancy- it is likely that this prenatal depression could have also affected the baby’s development and sleep awakenings.

In families where sleep problems persist in infants for 18 months must consult with a doctor. It is very important for a baby to sleep all by themselves. If you check the way an infant sleeps, you will see that babies like all adults move in their sleep cycle in every 1.5 to 2 hours, where in they wake up and fall asleep again. Whilst, some of them cry and call out on waking up and not sleeping through night! It is important to recognize the sleep deprivation in infants, else it will aggravate maternal depression. Parents need to be encouraged to establish targeted routines for kids to help babies for self soothing.

 By- Angelica Campbell

Depressed? Could Be Those Late Night Sit-ins

Monday, August 27th, 2012

I’m not much of an early to bed, early to rise kind of person and I like to stay awake late into the night and watch a good movie with a bag of chips and some cola.

Today I ran into a little article suggesting that people who stay up late watching movies or peering into their computer screens are at a higher chance of developing depression. I’m not depressed right now and I hope I don’t in the future too but I think this is a warning that I need to stop this seemingly harmless habit.

The study was conducted by a team of neuroscientists at Ohio State University Medical Centre in the US. Researchers used hamsters for this study and exposed them to dim light at night and studied their behaviour which showed great resemblance to symptoms that are evident in depressed people.

Scientists believe that the increased exposure to dim light at night is one of the main reasons as to why depression has reached such epidemic promotions. Shockingly, women exposed to such light at night are twice as likely to fall into depression as compared to men.

The hamsters involved in the experiment were studied for about four weeks with them exposed daily to dim light similar to that of produced by Television in a dark room. After the four weeks, hamsters seemed less interested in drinking sugar water and showed lack of interest in food.

But the study doesn’t mean that you  can’t stay up for your favouritre movie at all. Scientists were able to figure out that people who stayed up late were able to minimuise the effects of depression by going back to normal light cycle.So there you have it, if you are one of those people like me who loves to just lie in bed and watch movies, make sure you turn on your lights and get proper sleep the next day.