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What does your Sleeping position reveal about you?

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

What does your Sleeping position reveal about you?Sleeping is undoubtedly one of the best ways to banish a bad mood and attain a healthy lifestyle. Adequate sleep not only adds to a good health but also benefits your mind, weight, heart and so much more. There was a saying that “sleep used to be kind of ignored, like parking a car in a garage and picking it up in the morning.” However, these days’ people have realized the benefits of sleep and people try and ensure to complete the required hours of sleep. Also, just not sleep but also the manner in which we sleep affect our personality by determining how we feel the next day morning.

Like there are different positions in which we all sleep. Below mentioned are some ways that we sleep and what they denote about us:

  • People who sleep on their back with arms stretched out in front, wake up feeling absolutely refreshed and eager to start of the day in a fresh new way. This is the healthiest way of sleeping.
  • Sleeping with face down and arms outstretched indicates a feeling of being out of control, too tired and no energy.
  • People who sleep with a straight body are stubborn and will feel stiff in the morning.
  • One of the most popular styles is the fetal position. Around 58% of people sleep on their side with their knees up and head down. And, this style of sleeping is associated with stress. These people can expect to wake up refreshed the next day morning after having dealt with the previous day’s work.

Well, the above mentioned are the common positions that most of us tend to sleep. And, I personally have covered all these ways of sleeping some time or the other. So, I guess what does my personality reveal? What would you have to say to this? Have you hit all these sleeping positions some time or the other. So, what would you have to say about yourself – do let us know.

By- Angelica Campbell

Go for Shorter Hair Styles: Enhance your Personality with a Bold Look

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Go for Shorter Hair Styles: Enhance your Personality with a Bold Look A great hairstyle adds a lot in enhancing the personality and beauty of the person. For those who have always had long hair in the past, why not try out something new. Try the look with shorter hair. Go ahead and challenge yourself with a shorter hairstyle something like a pixie cut. Especially, now with the change in the season, why not try something new.

Short hairstyles look cool and sexy. They are easy to maintain. Also, with tons of stylish’ dos out there, you can always remain on the cutting edge. Long hair has always been in the tradition. For those tired of their same old looks, and wishing to try something absolutely extraordinary can try the hair styles mentioned below.

However, if you really long hair and ready to stun the world out there then you can go in for this option.

Here are a few different hair styles described that you might give a try:

  • The Pixie Cut: This is the ultra short hair-cut. The hair-cut is a suitable one for those with a square, heart- shaped and oval face. Also, it is a perfect one for those with wavy and thick mane. This type of hair cut is not recommended for those with long shaped faces as it will elongate the look even more. The perfect person one can relate with this hair cut is Audrey Hepburn.
  • The Pompadour or the faux hawk: This cut works for all types of faces. However, one needs to have a lot of confidence and boldness to make it work for you. Superstars like Pink and Miley Cyrus have been sporting this hairdo excellently.
  • The Bob cut: Short hairstyles cannot stand complete without the mention of this hair cut. The Bob cut continues to be one of the most trendy hair styles. This kind of haircut anyone women can wear it well, except for girls with super curly mane. The cut looks excellent on straight hair but looks remarkable beautiful on a little wavy hair.
  • The Middy: The cut is great for anyone having fine and medium hair texture with a slight wave in it. You can even style this hair-cut by applying a bit of lightweight curl-enhancing cream on damp hair. Twist the same at least 1-2 inches back off the face in large spirals and blow dry it with a diffuser. This will give a perfect beachy wave effect.
  • The Undercut: This cut works well for girls who love to have fun or for girls who have extremely curly hair textures as this style will remove the bulk. Those with fine hair, must think twice before going for this hair cut. Options for undercutting include one side, both sides or just above the nape of the neck. Before, going for this option, must have a word with your hair stylist.
  • The Modern Shag: This is a universal short style that adds volume to the hair. The option is wonderful for women with thick long straight hair. While going for this hair cut, ask your hair stylist for a short layered cut that tapers to the neck without a hard hairline. Prep this style with a light mousse, by using a round brush to get a swingy voluminous look.

Well, that was a good list of options to try. But, before going for any of the hair cut mentioned above, all that you need to do is a little bit of research. Look into the mirror and determine the shape of your face. For those with really long hair, but ready for the short hairdo, must also be prepared to see the surprised look on the faces of their closed ones.

By – Angelica Campbell