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Dos and Don’ts for Single Moms

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Dos and Don’ts for Single MomsI know someone who is a single Mother and I would admit this that, life has been a tough challenge for her. Single parenting can be one of the toughest challenges a woman has to endure, however at the same time can be rewarding too. People had different stories to talk about her when she took this decision in her life of separating with her mate and going forward to take the onus of upbringing her two kids. Raising two kids all alone is nothing like sleeping on a bed of roses, especially in a city like London. Some people showed sympathetic feelings towards her, while some told her about the difficulties of being a single parent. Well, in spite of all this, her spirits were not dampened; in fact she took things in a positive note and embraced the situation rather than cribbing, crying and creating an unhealthy atmosphere for all. Thus, today she an excellent example for the ones, who are planning to be one, however is hesitant to take this decision, thinking about its consequences.

Spending some time with her and keeping a close watch on her, I’ve just realized a few things that every single parent can benefit in the upbringing of the children.

Be a Companion to them

Kids being raised without their fathers face extra challenges have certain extra behavioral or character traits in common, especially the teenage boys. Therefore, it is important for a single Mom to keep an eye for these qualities, so that you help them to overcome it and make them into a confident and happy adult. As per my research that such kids are left with feelings like being incomplete, fatherless, left out, lacking identity and loneliness. Being a single Mom, you will have to be your kid’s best friend to shun away those feelings embedded in them. Only by being a strong companion can you let the child feel that sense of belonging. Thus, you have to give your 100% towards the kids.

Talk to them everyday

Being a single Mother, you certainly will be caught with loads of work and would be busy most of the time, however it is a must that you will have to spend time everyday to talk to your kids. Even if you are dying to sleep at the end of the day, you will have to listen to what they have got to say. As they will need someone to share their issues and you are the best person in their life.

Practice what you preach

Do not expect the kids to just accept the things that you preach or whatever they learn at school. Instead, set examples for them. You will have to show them why it is important to have manners or why is it necessary to be disciplined. You will have to practice what you preach.

Follow the eat together rule religiously

Yes, you need to sit down with your kid at least for one meal in a day. It is a bit difficult to accompany in the day meals, therefore make it must to sit down for dinners. Probably, on weekends you can make things even better by giving more time and meeting up with all their food demands. Do not make it a quick eating session but talk, bond and cherish the moments


This is compulsory. You will have to appreciate them for their work. You can team them along with yourself for small chores that you do at home like laying the table, cleaning the shelf and at the end of it all you got to appreciate them in any way that could be through words, sometime may be fulfilling any of their wish. At the same time, do not bow down in front of their unnecessary demands for good parenting does not mean to agree to all their fancies.

Good Luck!

By- Angelica Campbell

Scuba Diving Tips for Beginners

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Scuba Diving Tips for BeginnersScuba diving has become a popular activity these days, especially if you are on a holiday. Exploring the underwater world sounds really exciting. The word scuba is an acronym that stands for self contained underwater breathing apparatus. Initially, it was told to describe the navy divers who made use of oxygen re-breathers to fight with the enemies underwater. In the present time, scuba diving has become an adventurous activity.

Although, it is a recreational activity, but we have to be aware of certain interesting and fun facts associated with scuba diving. And, this could make your experience an even more enjoyable one. Also for beginners, scuba diving seems to be a bit complex especially due to the diverse range of equipment required that makes the activity a bit of daunting.

While diving is fun and thrilling, although it is also a cause of anxiety for some people and that’s because diving does not come naturally to humans. We are land animals and thus diving goes against our nature and our bodies strongly react to the process. One requires a lot of patience and follow loads of instructions before stepping down to the depths of water.

Getting started for the first time is a bit of a challenge, as the world of scuba diving seems to be too complex in the beginning. A few tips for the novice scuba divers:

A Scuba Diving Course

In the first place, you have to obtain your certification and take the course to learn the basics. You will have to get certified through PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), WOSD (World Organization of Scuba Diving) or SSI (Scuba Schools International).

Familiarity with the Equipment

While you take the diving classes, you will get to see the equipments required while performing the scuba diving activity. You must have proper equipment knowledge before you get started for diving. There are a wide range of equipments like masks, diving exposure suit, scuba tanks, snorkel, diving watches, dive computer, weight and belts system, fins, dive lights and dive float.

Keep Calm

For not being acquainted to under water activities can create feelings of anxiety and panic in you. However, it is important to keep calm in all conditions. Losing out on your calmness and wasting your energy will make you end up using more of oxygen which is a limited resource while diving. Furthermore, even if anything wrong happens, staying calm is imperative to tackle the tricky situations.

Breathing Techniques

Breathing techniques will be taught to you during the diving sessions. However, you might be tempted to hold your breath while diving which is actually not appreciated. Holding your breath will make you feel uncomfortable and give you feelings like panic and anxiety.

Do not Dive alone

If you are new to under water diving, it is never suggested that go all alone for a dive. Instead, you must go on with a buddy, especially one who is an experienced diver.

Instructors are always Right

Listen to your instructor! Do not neglect the words of the dive trainers or take their instructions lightly. Remember that the instructor is an experienced dive expert and knows well about the different aspects of scuba diving. Therefore, obey your instructor!

-By Angelica Campbell

Realize the Power of your Mind

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Realize the Power of your MindEvery action that we perform is a result of our thoughts. All the remarkable things invented till date have also been a result of the thoughts in some of the great minds. The big theories created by some of the big scientists were also initially thought of before being tested. It is just that the power of our thoughts is never acknowledged. Man going to moon was one of the most impossible and unrealistic things to even think of but yet someone did make it possible. Everything that exists on earth, including life is an evidence of thoughts.

In business companies too, brainstorming is a process of solving problems and bringing forth new ideas. Brainstorming is an activity of developing solutions to different problems. It is something related to deliberately coming up with as many solutions as possible and pushing ideas as far as possible to come up with a conclusion. The law of attraction also works something similar to this but not all our thoughts are verbalized. The continuum of our thoughts leads to the creation of physical entities and that is what we called the process of evolution.

All individuals have a thought process of their own. We all think differently and hold different perceptions and that is what leads to diversity. No matter, however we think individually but we all share curiosity for life and that is one of the noted characteristics of human race. As human beings, we have a lot of questions in our mind, and thus seeking an answer to it we are in the continuous process of expanding our minds and developing ourselves in the environment. As we move in our life, we get accustomed to our ways of living and hence we end up limiting the possibilities to reach out to something new. In such situations, we reject notions with which we are not too familiar with. If any eccentric way of living or thinking is presented to us, we are held back and we prefer to confide in our shells. This is because, we are so used to our surroundings that we do not prefer to jump out from a simple one to a complex situation. Such circumstances tend to hold us back from changing individually, therefore we need to open up our minds and accept changes by coming out from our comfort zones.

It is only when we step out from our comfort zones that we realize the true power of our minds. The world we live is affected to a great extent with what we think and how we enact to it. All the fantastic inventions we sit back and enjoy at our home like computers, internet, mobile and other gadgets has all been a result of the thought process. Although, every individual is not comfortable of opening up their thoughts or even accept the fact that their thoughts influence on reality. But, now it is time to change the outlook and doing something out of the box.

- By Angelica Campbell


Simple Steps to Build Eye Contact with your Dogs

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Simple Steps to Build Eye Contact with your DogsDogs are known as a best friend to a man! There have been so many famed tales been told about a dog and a man’s friendship that I have heard off. The stories have even told spoken about the dogs sacrificing their lives for their masters. Well, nothing on earth can be a better companion than a dog!

You can easily get a dog for yourself but to make it a good companion you will have to train it properly.

The first and foremost thing to do is to teach your dog eye contact. A dog can be called completely trained when they look up to you when you call out to them. Teaching the dog’s eye contact is really fantastic and can be incorporated in a few sessions. Here are a few simple steps to train your dog to increase eye contact with you.

  • Pull out a favourite toy of your pet dog that could be a ball or a rubber toy or anything else that your dog likes. You will have to show the toy but not let your pet have it. You can hold it on top of his face, or may be behind your back or keep it on the ground but not let him have it.
  •  Doing the above mentioned activity, your pet will try having it from you and focus its entire attention on the toy. But, you will not allow the pet to have it from you. You have to try the exercise that many times till the dog removes his eyes from the toy and looks up at you. It will take time for your pet to divert his attention towards you but finally it will do so. And, the task gets easier when you repeat the action numerous times.
  • When your dog finally looks up at you suggesting like “let’s play together” then you can pass on the toy to your pet and even praise your dog by patting on its back or brushing your hand on its neck. Repeating this activity numerous times will make your dog get into the practice of looking at you.

A few weeks later, you will find a considerable improvement in your dog. You can practice this in a variety of situations, may be when you are giving him his favourite food to eat. Make sure that your pet makes an eye contact before you go on to reward him with something nice. Conclusion to all this is that you will end up having a friendlier companion. Having a well trained dog can be the best companion that one can actually have.

- By Angelica Campbell