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Diamond celebrations adorn a green lustre

Friday, March 9th, 2012

As you must have probably heard by now, Queen Elizabeth kicked off her diamond jubilee celebrations this year with a series of regional and international events. While most events of the celebrations did seem mundane, I was very much impressed by the Tree Planting drive her highness started this February. In these times of cutting down anything standing few meters tall, I think this is a novel way to mark an eventful year. Apart from just looking nice, trees can do a lot of good to Britain which is why I wholeheartedly support this kind of celebration. They can bring back the beautiful climate Britain once boasted and cut down on pollution. Take into consideration the fact that 50,000 Brits are dying every year because of air pollution (a number much more than obesity, passive smoking or even traffic accidents). This Tree planting drive could help to at least bring the numbers down to a more manageable scale.

The Woodland Trust as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations plans to create 60 special Diamond woods for marking the 60th year of reign. The target for this year has been set at planting 6 million trees and based on recent reports; the drive has been successful and on course with 1 million trees planted in the last one month alone. The drive is kicking up steam and the Foundation hopes the publicity would bring in more volunteers and help increase numbers as the months go by.

 Even you can take part in the drive and plant trees at the exclusive Woodland Trust Supporters’ grove.  This new wood is being set up in The National Forest and making your contribution here means leaving behind a legacy in itself. You can be absolutely certain that the sapling you or your child plant will grow into a majestic tree over the course of time. You can also dedicate a tree to your loved one and make your love last for all eternity. The Foundation is also giving away a limited edition, numbered certificate with your dedication as part of a souvenir gift. I made my contribution assisting the local school plant trees during the weekend and if you have not yet started, please do take the initiative this coming week. Go green, live clean!