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Posts Tagged ‘Pregnancy’

Babies acquire the taste of Food from their Mother’s Womb

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Babies acquire the taste of Fussy child eaters are a common problem existing in all families. If you have got a kid below ten years at home, you certainly would have some time come across a situation where in you would have to throw a plate of uneaten food. And, at times it is really stressful and upsetting, making the Parents feel really anxious and worried about their kid’s nutrition. However did you know this that, somewhere the Mother is actually responsible for this habit developed in the kid?

A recent study stated that, woman in their pregnancy stage trying varied diet are less likely to give birth to fussy eaters. It’s told that babies have an acceptance to those food well that are accepted by Mothers while expecting and breast feeding. A research has even stated that, kids of Mothers who drank carrot juice quite ate twice as much as carrot cereal meal instead of Mother’s milk. Research Doctor, Julie Mennella from the Monnell Centre said that Mothers who consumed a lot of fruits during their pregnancy and lactation then their child will be more open towards eating fruits during weaning. Same is the case with vegetables too.

Biologically, babies are hardwired to be attracted towards foods that contain a high level of sugar and salt. And, not towards foods that are bitter such as green vegetables. Kids have to be exposed to be fruits and vegetables and have to get used to the flavours so that they can like it. The good news is that the research also states that babies can learn about healthy foods at a very early stage. The only thing required is that expecting Mothers eat the healthy food that they wish their baby should have when it is old enough to start weaning with the flavours.

According to a research discussed at the American Association for the advancement of Science’s annual conference, Dr. Mennella tested 46 babies aged between 6 months and year for their liking towards the carrot flavoured meal.

For those kids, whose Mothers consumed carrot juice several times in a week, consumed more than 80g of the cereal in comparison to 44g in other babies. The fact reveals that, we are primed according to our latest exposures. Babies receive sensory information in the womb itself and through Mothers milk. Dr. Mennella stated even bottle fed babies quickly give acceptance to food and vegetables, once they start eating solids.

Another test, also talked of giving green beans to babies of eight days old. On the first day, the consumption would be an average of 50g of beans but over eight days, the consumption level changed to 80g. Regardless of the fat, whether a child is breast or bottle fed, the child can learn to do so as it starts to wean. On repeatedly being exposed to foods like fruits and vegetables, they still learn to wean. By the age of two years, a child should try varied food like an adult. Hiding broccoli in brownies is not a solution for children need to learn the taste of different flavours of foods. So, all expecting Mothers, you know what to do is you do not want a kid that would show tantrums over food.

By- Angelica Campbell

Old Age Pregnancy: Is it Good or Bad

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Old Age Pregnancy Is it Good or BadWe have always been hearing that a woman’s chance for getting pregnant after the age of 35 gets difficult. Up to what extent is this true! The biological clock is certainly a fact of life! With age, the chance of a woman conceiving does get a little tricky.

However, do you really think that age is a problem in regards to pregnancy or is it just people’s attitude towards it? Going on to be an old aged Mother has its own pros and cons and they are supported by scientific evidence too. Research has proved that the risks of childbirth in older women are no less than younger women. And, there have been no such identified medical complications of pregnancy in older women. It is just that older women are less likely to get induced and have more chances of undergoing a C-section. The reason being, the older we get, we tend to become overweight and suffer with problems related to blood pressure and diabetes. And, this adds a risk factor to pregnancy. If such kind of risk factors exist from before then this creates an impact on the labour and demands the need of medical intervention.

The reality in women getting pregnant above the age of 35 is that fertility declines with age and the drop is more after 35. A baby girl is born with millions of eggs. By the time she reaches the age of puberty, only 3,00,000 of them will be left. And, from these only 300 will mature and release through ovulation. Although, you may look quite good on the outside and even feel the same inside, however your eggs as old as you are. On the other hand, it is also told that twins are common in older Mothers. And, this could be due to the increased use of the fertility treatments. It is said that the likelihood of conceiving twins peaks in for women in the aged between 35 and 39.

Even the rate of miscarriages is significantly more in older Mothers and this is due to chromosomal abnormalities. There are also chances for them to have babies that are born premature or born with chromosomal abnormality. Also, stamina declines as we grow older and there is chances of bleeding before pregnancy.

Despite these risk factors, there have been a lot many women who have taken chance for old age pregnancy. They are some of the high profile examples like Madonna who gave birth to her last child at the age of 42, Prime Minister Tony Blair’s wide Cherie Blair gave birth at the age of 45 and this certainly makes most feel that age is not an obstacle for fertility.

Advantages of Old Age Pregnancy

In the current scenario, early Motherhood has taken a decline. Most babies, these days are born to women aged 30 and older. And, one good reason for this is more and more women are concentrating on career and education. The cost of managing a household and child rearing induces a woman to delay their pregnancy. Older Mothers are experienced, educated and financially secure.

Children of older parents perform well in their academics in comparison to the kids of the younger Moms. Also, interestingly there are chances for old Mothers to give birth to kids that are left handed and they tend to be quite intelligent. For older Mothers, the extra years of life and experience give them courage and resilience that is necessary for Motherhood.

Research has also stated that women who become late Mothers live longer. It has been stated that women who have had 1 or 2 children in their 30’s or 40’s have a chance of living up to the Studies have even shown that women bearing kids at a later stage have a slow rate of aging and the susceptibility of diseases is decreases. Another benefit of pregnancy and lactation at any age is that it makes women smarter.  Women’s brains are more susceptible to changes than men. Well, all of us know that too! And, such a change certainly makes woman indeed very smart.

Whatever may be the age it is important for women to consult a health care specialist before conceiving. This is especially for women who suffer from chronic health issues like blood pressure and diabetes. Careful medical monitoring, right medications before conception and during pregnancy are certain to reduce the risks in such circumstances. A healthy dies, regular exercise and weight management is important for you- if you are planning for a late pregnancy. Must things to avoid are alcohol, smoking and drugs!

The number 35 is not a magical number. Every female has its own unique biology and has an individual plan laid out for her. Life is complicated and there are so many things to consider like career, family, relationships and health. At times it is a tough decision to make- what do you say?

By- Angelica Campbell