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Posts Tagged ‘Public Speaking’

My Dog teaches me to be a Good Public Speaker

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

My Dog teaches me to be a Good Public SpeakerSpending a few hours with a pet is so relaxing. I love watching my pet dog playing around. It’s nice to see him running around the trees, kicking the ball and looking out for new stuff.  Likewise, he also wants me to get involved with him when he is playing around. Probably, he feels that if I do not join him, then I’m not enjoying and might not allow him to come out the next day. Therefore, he keeps moving around me showing every action that he wants me to get involved with him. And, if I join him just for the sake of playing not showing too much interest will automatically make him lose all interest in playing and he will just go back to his place.

Same is the case with your audience too! When you speak up something, they will want to you speak on the topic that interests them. They are present there to hear you on a particular topic. Therefore, you have to speak things connected to your topic. Talking about your problems at home, your car or boss is not a concern for them. Just like your dog- he is not bothered about your problems, while playing with him you have to be in full spirits.

Make a Plan and Stick to it!

The worst thing is when you promise your dog for a walk and then dawdle around before going out. When you start doing things that have got nothing to do with a walk, this will make your dog quite agitated and impatient. For, he would be all excited to go out! Therefore, when you make a plan stick to it.

Your audience too will pay attention to the start of your speech and for that you should have a well set plan as what are you going to speak about. And, make sure to stick it! To keep their attention intact you will have to be an effective speaker, else you will find iPods, iPhones and iPads coming out and you have lost the audience.

How you end the game!

While playing or taking a walk with my dog, I will go on till the moment I see him getting tired. And, as soon as I see a bit tiredness reflecting on his face, I will try to end the game on a good note. Like I would pat his back and he would wag his tail. Ending on a good note means that he is looking forward for more such moments.

Well, even your audience will expect things to end things on a good note. They are investing their time to listen to you, thus make sure to wrap up things when things are getting too long or probably when people have started losing out on interest. Put an end to it in a healthy manner and also give them something that they will remember. They will remember your speech in a positive manner even after you are done with the talking.

 As speakers, we try to communicate with our audience in the best possible manner. And, to speak in the best possible manner, one has to just practice and practice. I have found an excellent mentor to help me out, and that’s my dog!

In regards to public speaking, I’ve learnt a lot from my pet like:

  • No matter, how I have spent my day, when I’m in front of the audience, I have to let things go and concentrate in the moment.
  • He keeps reminding of trying new and interesting stuff. You have to do a bit of home work so that you know what you are talking about.
  • Finally, no dog in the world will wait for you, if you do not have an idea what the dog is doing- so you have to be alert and catch up with the need of your audience.

 Well, I have found a good mentor in my pet, hope you too can relate the above mentioned facts with public speaking. It seriously works, try them!

 -By Angelica Campbell