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Workplace Conflicts Higher amongst Women

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Workplace Conflicts Higher amongst WomenConflicts at work place are a common issue everywhere. However, did you know this that conflicts at work place can hurt female employees more than the male counterparts? A research states that, when it comes to disputes at a workplace, women get a bad rap. And, this is because women are considered being less likely than their male counterparts to make up for a frayed relationship after a fight at work. Conflicts between two women are considered to affect the job satisfaction of those women in a negative way more in comparison to those between two men or a man and a woman.

It just means, that woman get a bad rap. The researchers even stated that even women believed that conflicts in workplace affect job satisfaction. A research was conducted by Leah Sheperd, a Ph.D candidate from the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business. In the research, poll was taken from 152 workers and 3 conflict scenarios were judged. There were arguments between workers named Adam and Steve, Sarah and Anna, and Adam and Sarah included in the scenario.

The research was conducted by Sheppard along with Karl Aquino, professor at the Sauder School of business. The study stated that in the case of a female-female conflict, there were more negative implications in comparison to the male-male or the male-female conflict. The likelihood of the two managers being able to make up for the relationship was 15% lower for the two women. The participants also stated that the two women were more likely to let the argument influence their job satisfaction in comparison to the male-female or male-male conflicts. Female work conflicts were stated to be more toxic in comparison to other cases.

As per this research, Sheppard stated that there is still a long way to go in regards to the perception of women in the workplace. And, probably their findings and study can help managers increase their awareness of the bias and they do not develop any stereotypes that would guide their decisions on how they would train their teams and leverage the full talent of the female employees.

By- Angelica Campbell