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Hot Air Balloon Ride – A Voyage to Remember

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Goosebumps! An ideal word to describe the feelings of a person when he or she goes for a ride on a hot air balloon. The voyage on this ancient aircraft is absolutely thrilling and can be easily labeled as a ride to remember. Kissing massive heights by beating gravity is an impeccable experience. The hot air balloon ride has its ancient roots; it was designed centuries back but still hasn’t lost its charm and will not lose in future. The most unique fact among several postulates is witnessing the unbelievable height making you feel as a bird flying in the open sky. Several nations across the planet believe that the most incredible way of giving a panoramic view of their nation natural beauty is via hot air balloon and therefore, this business is growing.

Now, the query pops up that how do I know so much about this thrilling journey via hot air balloon? Recently, I had an experience of travelling in the hot air balloon. Though, I fear height but as it is said that after fear comes the victory. So, I decided to decode this height fear by travelling in this balloon and Jesus! The experience which I amassed was out of this world. Hot air balloon ride can be of group or a private one. I chose the group option as the more the number; the merrier it is to travel. I kissed the height of 3000 feet which I had done several times in airplanes but this experience was totally a different one. Cool breezes with spectacular scenes from long stretched heights made me speechless. It was a dream transformed into reality for myself as I beat the fear of height embedded in my mind.

Most people speculate that it’s cold on a hot air balloon but there’s no catch there. A hot air balloon is what it claims to be ‘HOT’. However, there is one drawback in this kind of aircraft, i.e. the safety measures but balloon agencies have taken appreciable steps to ensure passengers safety as their top most priority.

Recently, hitting of a hot air balloon with power lines at Wellingborough trapping three people was all over the news channels. Since, it happened after my memorable experience therefore, in no way it can boggle my confidence of taking this thrilling ride once again. My voyage experience has much more juice than this tragic news. So, we just need to forget about this fear and enjoy this thrilling ride. I experienced it, for what you are waiting for?