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Posts Tagged ‘Shopaholics’

Are you a Shopaholic: It’s not too Good to be One

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

Are you a Shopaholic It’s not too Good to be OneShop til you drop is the mantra for a lot many people in today’s world. Like alcoholics, even shopaholics are also increasing day on day. Especially, due to the massive explosion of endorsements, door to door campaigns, online shopping, internet shopping and visual communications. And, such stuff automatically induces people to try them. However, there is no harm in trying out new things, but one should know where to draw the line and put an end to it. All of us shop for different reasons but a shopaholic buys due to the instincts that triggers them like coming over their anxiety levels or may be spending their extra time.

However, there has been an extensive research to know more about the behaviour patterns of shopaholics. And, these are a few points to mention:

  • A high degree of impulsion
  • Incapable to deal with negative feelings.
  • Urge for excitement
  • Being deprived of feelings in childhood days.
  • Craving for being approved
  • Keen to fill up the inner void
  • Effort to gain control

 Furthermore, the credit card culture has aggravated things more by facilitating people to shop without funds and allowing them to pay later. In addition to this, global trading, easy cash available, consumerism, malls and various products available at your door step are some of the other causes of addiction.

How to find out if you are a shopaholic?

  • When you go out to shop just pair of shoes and you come back home buying 3-4 shirts, bags, perfumes, chocolates and probably even the chunk jewellery looked quite tempting.
  • You already lots of stuff cluttered at your place and you again go on to shop the similar kind of stuff. Probably some of them you have not even used them.
  • Most of the time, you are looking out for offers, sales, discount options, different colours of the same dress that you have, accessories to match your outfit.
  • Spend time shopping online, subscribe to emails and magazines for updates.

If you are doing any of these above mentioned things, well then that means you are a shopaholic. However, there are a few remedies that can help you overcome this problem. They are:

  • Cut of your credit card into pieces, else burn it to ashes.
  • Block your emails from all kinds of subscriptions that update you on the latest offers, discounts and sales.
  • Try to suppress your urge to shop by doing something else instead like take a walk, go the gym, learn a new language, read, listen to music and a lot more things are there that you can go on to try.
  • Postpone your purchases. Learn to wait!
  • If necessary, seek counseling or in fact go shopping for a friend who is not addicted to shopping.
  • De-clutter the things that you have not used for a long time. You can even offer it to people in need of them.
  • Develop new ways to manage your emotions.

Actually, the point is that our heart and mind are our guides. The heart always tempts to do it whereas the mind being logical and guides us to that is possible. While shopping, must listen to your mind and you will not end up spending unnecessarily. We feel that indulging in excessive shopping is just a hobby or an option to spend time. However, spending unnecessarily is not a hobby, instead a lot many creative and constructive things can be tried.

By- Angelica Campbell