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Does Bingo Play make you Live Longer?

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Does Bingo Play make you Live Longer?Ever heard of the above mentioned? Playing bingo, one could live longer! Is this really possible?

And, if yes, then how! Although, the question does sound a little peculiar but studies have actually proven it that playing bingo can actually lead to longevity and good health. Few months ago, there was this story that made to headline about a 105 year old woman addicted to playing bingo. And, it seems at the age of 105 she still continued to put forth a bubbly personality. People wondered the reasons for this wonderful attitude put forth by the lady and most of them concluded it to playing bingo that probably also helped longevity. However, there are no scientific evidences that prove the above but there are quite a few anecdotal evidences.

Another player adding to the list of long lived bingo fanatics is Mark Cwiek. She too is a big fan of bingo players and indulges in the fun of playing these games for at least an hour that is between 3PM and 4PM. Passing her time with bingo play is one of the activities she shares with 40 other residents of her care home. There was a similar report in the year 2009 where in Anne Webster from Shipley, Yorkshire gained prominence for her addiction to online bingo. She too was 102 years old. Joseph Frey Perry, 101 year old was also known for being an avid bingo player before she died.

Well, the aforementioned does hint on the fact that there is a bit of connectivity between playing bingo and a human being’s life span. The two are directly proportional to each other. The latter automatically increases with the increase in the former. Even before, there have been discussions about the benefits of bingo play and a quite a number of it have been mentioned about the same.

The major component is the aspect of socialization associated with the games that adds to the health benefits and that in turn with longevity. Socially active people tend to live longer. Mixing around with other people automatically adds a lot of positivity by making a person happy and alert. On the other hand, being alone makes a person depressed. Being socially connected with people around makes a person stay happy as the brain is in constant active mode. Something similar happens when playing bingo too. Playing bingo lets the brain utilize sight, hearing and hand and eye co-ordination too. With multitude of things in constant action will automatically lead to mental alertness. Being mentally alert delays the onset of Alzheimer’s symptoms.

Bingo games anyways originated as a passion of the old players. Although, the game does not require physical exertion but does require a lot of focus and concentration and that in turn benefits our brains. Keeping the brain healthy is very important to live a healthy and long life. And, bingo provides benefits in four major categories: mental, social, physical and psychological. And, certainly not missing out to mention about the fun element – the most important of all! Therefore, play bingo and live longer !