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Posts Tagged ‘Stress’

Handle Stress Immediately and Calmly

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Handle Stress Immediately and CalmlyAll of us have to admit that the best things in life do not remain forever. Good things come and go! Nice situations turn into bad ones. People say stuff, things turn out wrong and you might end up in a terrible situation. And, what is even horrible is that no cares to help you out from it, in fact they enjoy seeing you in the miserable situation. Yes, the truth is that no cares seeing you upset! They might have even caused the situation for you. They see you coming and run for a cover. Well, then how on earth will you escape from it all?

Quit your Negative Thinking

Yes, the first and foremost thing is to quit ranting. Your rant is not helping you at all. I know most people say that venting out is helpful. Well, according to me it is not good unless the situation seriously demands it. And, that too it should be just once. What, I believe is that every moment you spend on ranting and for every ounce of energy you spend on talking, you are missing out moments that you could have spent in a better manner like laughing or spending some good time. Whining and crying, you are not solving any problem but intensifying your stress feelings. So, why not spend that energy in a positive manner and that will even help you out from the problematic situation. Stop ranting about the situation and start solving it. Do not make a bad situation worse. Use the energy for something creative and worthwhile.

Stop Thinking and Start Breathing

By ranting you would have realized, how fast your heart starts beating. You are so much heated up that you cannot even think of doing anything positive. Well, that is ok! All that you need to do is just stop thinking. I know, at time sit is a bit difficult to follow, and you have no option but do it. You will have to stop thinking about the situation. Block your mind from all these thoughts. The best way to do so, is start taking slow cleansing deep breaths. If required, close your eyes. Block that voice from your head. I know those things will still want to come to your mind, but continue breathing. Breathe from your diaphragm and put all your energy and attention in inhaling and exhaling slowly and calmly. If this helps then go to a place where there is silence and closing your eyes and doing it, will help you to gain more calmness in mind. It signals your anxiety levels that everything is fine. And, if you still cannot shut off the negative thoughts then hum a happy tune whilst you breathe. Fill in that space with happiness by interrupting the negative thoughts. Allow your breath to flow freely and put in all your energy in breathing.

Exercise your Positive Muscles

Staying in a positive place does require effort. However, being positive is a choice. There is no requirement of being so worked up and overwhelmed about every situation. Take a decision to be positive, even if you cannot figure out how the situation can be solved. Treat the situation like a challenge in your life and not a punishment. The best way to come out of stress is to focus on positive things. Think of the things that make you happy. What makes a laugh? Think about the funny situation that made you laugh out rolling. Who makes you feel special? Off late, you did something for someone that made the person feel really special about them. Challenge yourself to do things that you are grateful for. See the things that you can notice in front of you that are beautiful and pleasant. Do it while you read this, and see how it works? Are you feeling better? Did you notice any change? The situation would not have changed entirely but yes, you can certainly feel the change. Now, you are in a better mental space and prepared to do something constructive and creative.

By – Angelica Campbell

Going to the Beach can be Fun and Healthy as Well

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Going to the Beach can be Fun and Healthy as WellNobody needs a reason to go to the beach, for all of us just love being there and enjoying the wonderful gift that nature has bestowed upon us.  However, there are few reasons that probably most of us do not know, that we humans are benefited in a lot many ways. Here are a few facts that will tell us as how the beach helps us to stay healthy and live a clean lifestyle.

Good for Skin and Cures Acne: Most of you might have not known this that the sun helps to cure acne. The sun has a great source of Vitamin D and at the beach you will get loads of it in the natural form. It’s the natural acid that gets in touch with your skin and cures any kind of skin issues. However, that does not mean that you should stop applying sunscreen when you step out of the house. It is a must for everyday but you can also include a bit of sunshine in your journey for good skin.

Excellent Stress Buster: Anytime when you visited the beach, did you realize how happy you feel there. Well, there could be a lot many reasons for the positive feelings but clinically the most important reason is that sun plays an important role in boosting your mind. The sea air produces certain negative ions that help to combat every positive ion that instigates depression. The sun helps to increase the serotonin (happy hormone) in the brain and that in turn makes you happy and cheerful.

Good Therapy for the Feet: Most of us in the beach love to leave footprints on the sand. It is always fun to do something like this but did you know that this activity is an excellent spa and massage to your feet. Walking on the chilly damp shore barefooted for miles will not make you feel tired and in turn will make you feel absolutely relaxed. Walking on the sand increases the blood circulation and will make you feeling calm and relaxed. If you would have noticed then our feet always feel better every time when you hit the beach as the sand helps to exfoliate your feet and get rid of the calluses. Walking on the beach is a perfect therapy for the feet.

Skin Detoxification: The sea water is a good source of detoxifying your skin. The salty aspect of the sea cleanses and detoxifies the skin. Next time when you enjoy being a beach bum, just check out how good your skin feels as well.

Good Motivator: Hitting on the beach to flaunt your wonderful bikini or your six- pack ABS is an excellent option to motivate yourselves to feel good at all times. Frequently, visiting the beach will automatically inspire you to live a healthy lifestyle and you would strive to maintain it or make it better year after year.

Well then you must ensure not to miss out on enjoying the healthy pleasures of the beach and that too absolutely free. So, start heading towards a beach now to be healthy and beautiful!

By – Angelica Campbell

Are you stressed out today?

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Are you stressed out todayStress is a word that we associate our life with every single day. Being stressed is defined as the body’s failure to adapt to its environment. And, when the body is not able to cope up with its surroundings, the results turn out to be drastic. Chronic headaches, muscle and joint pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue and sleep disruptions. When stressed, most of us have this habit of gulping in lots of unhealthy food. Unhealthy snacking is a common thing for stressed people. And, this in turn creates a lot more hazards on your health in the long run- the most common one being obesity. Here are a few food tips that you can have to get relief from stress.

  • Sweet Potatoes: On being stressed, if you are the one who immediately goes on to much the French fries then you are going in the wrong way. Instead try some sweet potatoes that are release a slow and steady source of energy. Consuming these, the blood sugar will not be crashed.
  • Avocados: Avocados are high in fat, still it is good for it is not saturated fat but the monounsaturated kind. Plus, along with a high level of potassium, it is a good stress buster. One of the best ways to lower the blood pressure. Therefore, when stressed it is always good to eat food rich in potassium.
  • Blueberries: Blueberries have a high concentration of antioxidants and can invigorate your senses in no time. Plus, with a high concentration of vitamin C, research proves that it is excellent in dealing stress. And, being high with fibre, they also regulate the levels of blood sugar.
  • Turkey: Turkey contains amino acid tryptophan that releases a chemical called serotonin in the brain and it helps you to keep calm and relaxed.
  • Asparagus: Asparagus has a high content of folic acid and that releases a hormone which directly affects your mood and makes you calm. Food with certain vitamins and minerals will keep your mood steady as they produce the chemical serotonin.
  • Beef: You may find it hard to believe but, beef has got some fab stress-busting properties due to the presence of B vitamins and a high level of zinc. However, it also contains some unhealthy unsaturated fats that can increase the risk of heart attacks and other illnesses. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for leaner cuts. The best way to cook beef is to have it seared from outside and slice it very thin and serve it with salad.

Next time, when you are absolutely stressed and you are just craving to have something good, well here is the list of things to try. Stay healthy and live longer!

By- Angelica Campbell

Kiss Your Stress Goodbye

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

A recent study has revealed that stress level in today’s life has increased by more than 18% for women and 24% for men as compared to 1983. When you think about all the modern conveniences that have come around since then, stress levels should have gone down right? Research shows that younger generation is under more stress than their older counterparts, most probably because they’ve got much more problems and their whole lives ahead of them. Here is a list of things that can help relieve your stress regardless of age.

What I’ve noticed is that the biggest stress-buster is physical activity. When you feel like you are too stressed out and you can’t think straight, take a walk, preferably through a park. Research has proven that green colours soothe the mind and a walk will help get the blood flowing and thus reduce stress. You can even try mild exercises in your work place but it would always be better to go outside. Wander the streets for a while and take in all the colours, even a simple walk is exercise so you’ll feel much better and relaxed when you are back.

Next, music. For centuries, people have been using music as a way to relax and it’s a great way to reduce your stress. Get your iPod or mp3 player loaded with plenty of relaxing, soothing instruments and listen to them when you feel stressed out. You can even try sounds of nature such the sound of rain-something I find very relaxing any time of the day.

Laugh your stress away. Laughter is the best medicine you can have for stress and it really doesn’t matter how you get your laughs as long as it is not hurting anyone. Buy yourself a book of silly jokes and imagine telling stupid jokes to people you know and their faces reacting. I’m sure you’ll be laughing just a few pages in. You can also try renting your favourite funny movie or watch some really old sitcoms to relive that killer stress.

No matter how huge your problems are, remember that nothing is worth having to go through life stressed out. Stress causes physical and mental fatigue and the faster you deal with it, the better. Hope these suggestions do help you when you are stressed out :-)