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Posts Tagged ‘Study’

Friendship is the Secret to a Romantic Relationship

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Friendship is the Secret to a Romantic RelationshipHere is a piece of interesting news for all. A new study states that a long lasting friendship is a secret to a romantic relationship. So, if you have been waiting to build a good bonding with your partner and have tried various options and things have not turned out to be successful. Well, here is a fantastic way to ignite your relationship in a simple and healthy way. Recent research states that valuing your friendship with your partner helps to strengthen your relationship by creating more commitment and bonding between the two.

In a relationship, if people try to emphasize more on satisfying one’s personal needs or desires then the relationship is less likely to succeed or develop a good bonding. To enhance the quality of your romantic relationship, it is very important to value the friendship aspect of your friendship. As per the lead author of this study, Laura VanderDrift of Purdue University Indiana has said that- “Romantic relationships are, at their core, friendships.” Giving more importance to the friendship component in a relationship is relative to any other components (like sex) to promote a positive relationship.

According to researchers, friendship is a characteristic of love and hence should be strengthened in any relationship. The team to report these findings had conducted two experiments. One was on 190 students who were indulged in a relationship from the past 18 months. The students had to fill questionnaires that aimed to assess the amount of investment they had put in a relationship. (This also included the different aspects of their relationship and future plans)

On being contacted four months later for being questioned with more on their relationship, 27% of the couples were not together. And, the ones who had scored highly were the ones who had been more particular about the friendship aspect of their relationship and even seemed to be content with their romantic commitment. Over the four months of their study, they saw the increase in a few of things like: partners who had put in more efforts in building a strong friendship were less likely to break up.

The next experiment studied about the relationships of 184 students who had been dating for 16 months on average. These couples were asked to rate the different aspects of relationship like companionship, self-improvement, sex, security and new experiences. The people rating companionship proved to score higher in their romantic and sexual fulfillment. And, the ones who targeted more on their personal needs could not score higher in their level of commitment in realty too. Therefore, if you are planning for a happy and a long lasting relationship with your partner- remember Friendship first.

By- Angelica Campbell

Brits and Numbers not getting along!

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

A new study reveals that Brits and numbers are not getting along. My first reaction when I read this was, “Yeah tell me about it”. I was never good at maths and neither were my friends. Sharing makes even the worst things look better which is why I always thought it was not really a problem worth pondering over. We wouldn’t call ourselves innumerate but we have had our share of problems with maths. Back in school days, I used to hate the subject with all my heart. I mean, I never understood the necessity of figuring out how to solve problems in more ways than one. You start off with a problem and 20 odd steps later, you get to a point where you only understand one thing-the very first step was wrong and now you go back and try to fix only to find out you just can’t.

Anyways, I recently found out that my strong dislike for mathematics was not an isolated incident. I read in the article that 17 million people in UK are struggling with the subject-that’s a lot of Brits. The research has shown that most adults who were lacking numeracy skills did not even have the numeracy equivalent of a primary school student. Luckily, I do not fall under that category (at least I think so). I can do basics of percentage and all-just not complex mathematical equations and I just thank God that my job has more to do with words than numbers!

The article mentioned something about participants of the survey admitting that they had no clue regarding various deductions on their payslips and on different taxation procedures. Now there’s something I agree. And its not because I am bad at maths, its just that mathematics of taxation are just too complicated for me to sit through and figure out. I do agree that this is not something to be proud of but what else can we do? For now, I and my friends are planning to attend an adult numeracy class being held nearby, hopefully it will also help me in selecting lucky bingo tickets with right numbers on it. Some say its really good and fun to learn things you missed out in high school. Let’s see how it goes. Hoping me, my friends and maths do patch up real quick…fingers crossed!