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Posts Tagged ‘Stylish’

Worried about Winter Fashion: A Few Fantastic Tips to try out!

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Worried about Winter Fashion A Few Fantastic Tips to Try out!With the cold weather upon us, I know it’s a little frustrating for women, as it is difficult to bundle up the winter outfits and still look great. And, if you really think so then you are absolutely wrong. Just with a little bit of efforts you can look stylish and stay warm and cozy as well. In fact, it is the best time of the year where in you can pull out your smart jackets and those lovely woollies and add a new meaning to your dressing.

However, wearing your woolen stuff you also need to be careful that you do not layer your body too much as you will miss out on the style statement. One excellent idea is to wear good quality wool. For women, the options of getting dressed is much more, in fact they have the option of going ahead to create a style statement of their own.

Here are a few ideas to stay warm and stylish during winters.

  • Coats: The first and foremost is to invest in a good and smart coat. It is an important garment to shun away the cold weather, plus it adds a smart look only if you choose to buy the right one. Coats even assist to compliment your outfit. You must ensure to choose the right colour – picking out a neutral colour is the right option. Brown, black and grey are the colours that can never go out of fashion. Even white looks excellent but you just have to be careful as how neat you can keep it. Plus, it does not give a good contrast with snow. Peacoats are a piece of timeless fashion and are available in excellent colours like magenta, purple, blue etc. faux fur is another excellent example. A few other examples are bomber jackets, trench coats and insulated jackets.
  • Full Sleeved Shirts: Full sleeved fashion shirts are always in fashion and they look really smart too. And, the best way to put on such a shirt is to team it with the right accessories. During an outing, a loose fitted shirt on your outfit is a fantastic option to give that casual look. Wearing a full sleeve shirt underneath a cut jacket is a fantastic option too.
  • Scarves: Scarves have always been a piece of vintage fashion. The option is a fantastic way to complement your clothing. Especially during the windy days, you can protect your looks by carrying a fashionable scarf. Knitted woollen chunky stoles can help to be functional and fashionable as well. There are 25 stylish ways that a woman can carry a scarf. And, available in a variety like shaded, embroidered, floral, polka dotted adds more options for us to try out. And, yes the leopard print continues to be a fashion statement as well.
  • Socks: Another fashion trend in vogue is the knee length socks. Knee length socks can always be paired with short skirts; else you can even prefer to wear stockings or may be the thick tights.
  • Footwear: Winter footwear is an important aspect. Your flip-flops and strappy shoes have to be put aside for spring and summers. Now you will have to go for shoes that will cover more of your skin. Now is the time to pull out your boots, ballerina shoes and the cute tennis shoes. Even the knee high slouchy boots are a remarkable option to give you that smart and chic look.

The above sounds an excellent list of ideas for one to try out. So, this winter make sure to stand out amidst the rest by creating your own style statement. Good Luck folks!

By – Angelica Campbell

Look Stylish with Fashion Jewellery

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Look Stylish with Fashion JewelleryFashion jewellery has become a major trend these days. These accessories are not limited just to women but even men take a lot of interest in it. Decking your outfit with some good jewellery not only complements your outfit but also makes you look classy and stylish. However, you just need to know how to make yourself presentable by decking yourself with the right kind of jewellery.

Here are a few things to know about decking yourself with the right kind of jewellery.

Handmade Jewellry: Hand crafted jewelry is very common these days and is popular in various styles. They are made in a combination of stones and beads. The jewellery looks quite original in comparison to other types. A variety of materials are used in this type of jewellery. In such jewellery its mostly beads and stone used for making bracelets and necklaces.

Special Jewellery: Special jewellery is generally developed for special occasions and events like weddings and parties. Such jewellery includes bracelets, brooches, rings and necklaces and they are something similar to a fashion statement. In this category, crystals and heavy stones also included. Sterling jewellery is also a very common example of this stuff. Sometimes, even simpler pieces are also dedicated as special jewellery.

Bracelets: Bracelets are also a common piece of jewellery. These days, a lot many huge and chunky bracelets are available and are a trend amongst people of all age groups. Even large bangles in a variety of colours are a common option too. Such bangles are teamed with bright floral dresses. They are made with stones to create a hand crafted look. You will find them in silver and stainless steel too. Steel is very long lasting and the designers develop amazing pieces on this material. Sometimes even beads are mixed with it create an elegant look.

Rings: Rings are a famous piece of jewellery Women feel absolutely incomplete without it, so its necessary for women to adorn their fingers with rings. According to the recent trend, a lot many women prefer to adorn themselves with bigger rings in funky designs. Such rings are mostly decorated with good quality beads and stones. Precious stones like diamonds have also become a common trend, however the option is a little expensive one.

Earrings: Even earrings are a popular piece of fashion jewellery and available in the latest styles. The current trend includes the ones in larger size something called the dangling earrings. However, the trend keeps changing and the latest one includes something like a mixture of gold and silver.

By- Angelica Campbell

This Winter Look Stylish with Leather outfits

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

One of the hottest trends in winter is the leather look- real or faux. Whether you are a celebrity or a fashionista, everybody wishes to have this piece of clothing in their wardrobe. Leather outfits are not confined just to jackets but are also used for trousers, shoes, bags, skirts, belts and a lot more. Leather apparels are well known for their style quotient and have been a favourite material amongst the fashion designers. Leather outfits not only add sensuality to one’s figure but also defines a figure accurately. As it’s a tight fitting material, so it looks the best when worn by slim people.

Women, generally like to flaunt their curves and a faux leather pant when teamed with a nice sequenced top or a good baggy pullover can give a fantastic look.

Men always prefer the biker look and leather jackets help them to get that pThis Winter Look Stylish with Leather outfitserfect look. Even women prefer the biker look and a leather jacket is a common thing to find in a woman’s wardrobe. The material looks extremely stylish and sexy and could be absolutely feminine too, if the material is used to make a skirt. Flaunting outfits made up of leather gives you that extra edge and gives an extraordinary look in the crowd. The fabric is absolutely versatile and a perfect one to make you look preppy and chic. Although, its told that leather accessories are mostly preferred by people that lead a rough lifestyle, however anyone can try it on to enjoy the new look. In comparison to the other fabrics, the price of leather is expensive but is long lasting. And, therefore it creates an excellent impression.

These days, with the option of buying things online, you can check a lot many things. Furthermore, with lots of discounts and offers available, buying gets even easier. Online shops offer the assistance of a virtual stylist that can help you pick the right clothing. These stylists are well experienced and can help you choose the right sort of clothing that suits your body type. If you are wishing to try something new and trendy then taking the help of these stylists is a must. This winter, go on to sizzle your look with this stylish fabric- leather.

By- Angelica Campbell