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Posts Tagged ‘Tattoo’

How about making a Tattoo?

Friday, February 21st, 2014

How about making a Tattoo?Tattooing is a very old form of entertainment; however off late it has become one of the trendiest fashion statements. People from different regions do it for different reasons.

The current trend these days is to exhibit ones emotions. People sport different kinds of tattoos starting from zodiac signs, celestial symbols and their beloved’s name. Some people even got religious hymns engraved on their body. The places where people generally prefer to get a tattoo done is arms, lower neck and ankles. People even get it done on their shoulders, hip bone and back.

Initially tattoos were considered less conventional in nature. People preferred to ink their beloved’s name. Gradually, new ideas have sprung up for tattoo lovers to implement.

These days, people even explore tattoo galleries to implement fresh and innovative ideas for this form of body art. There are numerous unconventional tattoo drawings that you will come across. Before, looking out for a tattoo design, you must come up with something meaningful. Ideally a tattoo made should suit your personality and character. Like, you will not be interested to ink something on your body that does not suit you.

Every tattoo made signifies a meaning and an own story to tell. Looking at a tattoo one can quickly get an idea about that person. The tattoo design automatically gives an idea about the person’s beliefs and aspirations in life.

Females often wish to make tattoos that would reflect their softer side of their personality. Perhaps the feminine tattoos are the best choice to make.

In the world we live in today, there are no boundaries for fashion and art. Creativity knows no limits. Though such tattoos are mostly selected by men, there are a few tattoo designs created for men too. The sizes and designs of feminine tattoos differ. Women usually prefer gentler designs like flowers, teddy bears, names, butterflies etc. There prefer to go for small tattoo drawings than men.

The purpose of getting tattoos done is numerous. Ancient purpose of tattoo:

  • Symbols of status and position: Tattoos were worn by the blue blooded people and their royal heirs. They preferred to make symbols like rising sun or the emblem of their empire. The purpose was to distinguish between the common and the one from the royal lineage.
  • Symbols of religious and spiritual devotions: People got their religious and spiritual beliefs engraved on their bodies. That could be a symbolic representation of their deities
  • A Medal for courage: Tattoos were engraved to symbolize courage. Soldiers often got tattoos done with symbols like swords and arches engraved on their hands.
  • Punishments: People sent on a exile or captured were tattooed to make them bear the brunt of their crime in form of shame forever.

Modern Purpose of Tattoo

  • Cosmetic: In the present time, tattoos are quite in fashion. People sport a tattoo to exhibit their fashion forwardness. Also, tattoos are made to hide skin discolorations.
  • Sentimental reasons: Apart from lending a fashion statement, sentimental reasons are a major reason too for getting a tattoo done. People sport their zodiac sign, parents name, kids and beloved to mark a permanency of their love.
  • Religious: Today also, people get tattoos done for religious purposes
  • Identification of particular groups: People belonging to same groups also engrave similar kind of tattoos to be identified as the members of the group.

Brits And Their Tattoo Regrets

Friday, July 6th, 2012

I have never been fond of tattoos that much. Even when my friends were getting them by the dozens, I always found them unattractive. Sure, its a great way to show that you love someone or something, but aren’t there any better ways to do that? I’m not against tattoos or anything; I just don’t like the thought of someone painting pictures on me with needles.

As far as tattoos and Brits are concerned, its either love or hate. According to statistics, one out of every five adults in UK has a tattoo on their body. The tattoo craze gets to adults during the years of 18 to 25 and a recent survey shows that about a third of the lot who have tattoos on their bodies regret having done it. However, most of them still have it on despite not liking the looks as permanent tattoos are difficult to remove and usually leave a scar.

This survey took into account the opinion of about 580 people and concluded that men were more likely to regret having tattoos as they age than women. Women who were over the age 21 when they had their first tattoo were least bothered about it.

The way I see it, tattoos are personal choices and if someone wants to have it on, they should. However, if you see yourself applying for a job in a big company, it would be advisable to have tattoos that’ll be covered up with normal office wear. This research is just a friendly warning for all those young guns who are out to get tattoos no matter what. Once you lose your youth and skin tone, tattoos could not be all that glamorous. As always, there is also another side to it. Your tattoo could be a way to embody your style forever-the choice is yours.