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This Summer, go Short and Sexy with Cocktail Dresses

Friday, April 19th, 2013

This Summer, go Short and Sexy with Cocktail DressesThe biggest problem for every woman faces whilst dressing up for an occasion is – what to wear. Almost every woman faces this dilemma of wearing the right dress in order to stand out in the crowd. In fact some women even panic for not being able to decide the right outfit till the last minute. For it is just not the dress – to get the right look, there is a bunch of things that a woman needs to take care of. However, the most important thing is to find the ideal dress first. Fashion experts say that be it any occasion, a cocktail dress is a good option. But, again the question here is how to select the quintessential dress that would make everyone’s eyes gaze at you with awe.

Below mentioned are some tips that can assist you in selecting your soul dress.

A classic cocktail dress is supposed to be of knee length. And, in such dresses are also available in a lot of variations. Like, the length of the dress can be above the knee and at times can be even mid-way as that gives an extremely sexy look. The outfit is good for parties and night outs, however not too appropriate for a date.

Fabrics like silk and satin will be good as it sets a perfect a celebration look. But, do not wear anything of floor length. To get that flawless look, it is very important to get a cut in the dress that appreciates your body type. A gorgeous fabric can help in flattering your body type.

A cocktail dress looks great, if the waistline of the dress is slightly above the original waistline. So, you can opt a dress that is slightly above the original waistline. You can either choose a formfitting dress or may be an A-line skirt. In regards to cocktail dress, a black dress is an ultimate choice. However, you can detail the dress by adding accessories that will compliment your dress. Do not overdo also, with too much of accessorizing. If required, you can carry a Paschima wrap as well.

Try to choose dresses in variety of colours. If it is Summer time, then ensure to choose bright coloured dresses, but the only important thing is that the dress should match your skin tone. Next, are shoes! As far as shoes are concerned – high heels like stilettos or decorative flats is a good option.

 By – Angelica Campbell

Detoxify your body with Aromatherapy

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Detoxify your body with AromatherapyThe world we are living in, we are constantly exposed to toxic substances especially due to the poisonous gases emitted everyday and we inhale the same to our respiratory tracts. The tooth paste that we use consists of fluoride that is not considered to be safe. Also, the water that we drink contains an amount of chlorine. Such substances are present in a low dosage, however regular consumption results in a situation in which we end up consuming too much of toxins in our body. High content of toxic substances in our body makes more chances of us falling sick.

Even the food we eat contains a lot of additives that are proven to be not good for health. Just for the sake of preserving food for a longer time, big food giants add small amount of additives to it. Also, toxins do not come just from the environment, even our bodies produce toxins that depends upon the state of our mind. At times, when you are emotionally charged, your body may tend to release substances that include feelings, like irritation, anxiety, depression and hyper tension.

Therefore, detoxifying the body is very important to live a healthy life. And, the best part is that detoxifying the body is very easy with numerous options. Like the best option is drinking lots of clean water can help the liver and kidneys in excreting the toxic products. Even exercising helps to accelerate the flow of toxins outside the body. In addition to these, another popular option is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the art of using oils essential oils for cleansing the body to keep the body in a state of well being. There are two popular ways to use essential oils that help to push out the body toxins. And, that can be through inhalation or massage. Some plant oils are made up of special chemicals that influence the state of mind of the human being. The molecules enter our body through massage or inhalation and that gets into the nervous system and affects the hypothalamus. This part of the brain influences the hormonal system of the person. And, the hormonal system in turn influences the mood and stress level and metabolism of the person. Some essential oils help the body release the right amount of hormones that in turn helps in the cleansing of the body.

Some oils can be even mixed with wax to create a candle. And, when the candle is lit, the burning of the wax releases fragrances that goes directly into the brain and gives an appropriate effect. Another way is using the oil for massaging. The different oils used are:

Lemongrass: This oil extract is taken from the plant lemongrass and helps to deal with inflammation. When a human body is affected by toxins then the parts affected by it becomes inflamed and lemongrass can be a good medication for this. The oil also has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that help to kill germs and clean wounds.

Mandarin oil: The oil helps in dealing with skin problems and rejuvenating the cells of the skin. Our skin is daily exposed to some substances and Mandarin is a good substance for fighting against all kinds of skin infections.

Rosemary: Rosemary is one of the most popular oils used in aromatherapy. This oil deals with a lot many health benefits. Rosemary oil helps in removing bad breath and restoring the buccal health. The oil also helps in giving a good skin tone and removing dryness. The oil can also be used for respiratory problems like flu, sore throat, cold and allergies.

Juniper Berry: This oil helps relieve mental tension, anxiety, drowsiness and even for illnesses like rheumatism, menstrual problems, gout and many others.

By- Angelica Cambell

Organic Food Eaters V/S Comfort Food Eaters

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Organic Food Eaters VS Comfort Food EatersAre you the one who maintains a strict regime of having food organic in nature? Then you certainly need to know about this! A recent research stated that those who are too much inclined in eating only organic food are less likely to show kindness to others. And, this is because using organic products people feel more secure about themselves and lessens the act to perform unselfishly. Consumption of such foods, also make people to judge people immoral people in a very harsh manner as reported by the team in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.

On the other hand, comfort foods can make us kinder and social. This study was concluded according to a study done at the Loyola University in New Orleans by allocating 62 students in 3 different groups. One was given the picture of organic food, others were given with ice-cream, chocolates, cookies and brownies, and another group was given of porridge, mustard, rice and beans. Later, they were asked for views on six moral transgressions that ranged of situations like students stealing books from the library, politicians taking bribes and other similar incidences.

The students were made to realize that the study was over and soon after that the students were told that a professor in another department was looking out for volunteers to spare 30 minutes without taking a reward. Students exposed to the organic foods were agreed to spare only 13 minutes of their time to help the professor. And, the students who dealt with the comfort food were happy to give away 25 minutes in comparison to the third group (oatmeal and rice) that got ready to spare only 20 minutes.

According to Dr. Kendall Eskine and colleagues, who wrote the paper Wholesome Foods and Wholesome Morals told that people are more prone to help when they eat something sweet rather than something bitter and disgusting. The psychologists stated that those who purchase organic products are less likely to engage in meaningful acts of environment. Well, for me I am a diehard foodie, so I love to cram food belonging to all sections. What about you?

By- Angelica Campbell