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Magical Feedback from Bingo MagiX Fans!

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Bingo MagiX players are having gala time not only by playing bingo games but now they have got more fun element added in their daily lives. Now have you started thinking what it could be? Yes, you guessed it right, its the Bingo MagiX Facebook fan page which has become an integral part of players. One of the many factors that have brought the website to such levels of popularity is the player-host interaction features. The page with every day activities is very gripping, as it not only keep their fans wanting for new campaigns but also updates on various topics which motivates them for participation.

Unlike most websites that announce winners and move on to the next promo, Bingo MagiX has unique ways of thanking their customers and the website takes in all the feedback provided by players on how to improve the games and maintain the level of excitement players so desperately seek.

Going through recently over successful FB campaigns, the Valentine Bouquet promo had made fans come every morning to the page as it gave players a unique chance to play games during the whole of the month and collect easy free bonuses to play bingo at their favourite site.  Bouquet holders, Joanne Howlett and Vikki Gregory were the winners of additional £10 bonus apart from regular wins. The best part is that even other players came forward to comment on the events and congratulate the winners in real time.

Bingo MagiX also had the ‘Leap Into Free Bonus’ promo running during the month of February. The site gave unique chance to celebrate this once in 4 years event to its fans. The contest posted players questions every single day to win extra bonuses and the player with most answers during the end of the promo was declared the winner of the contest. The questions were extremely simple and player ‘Christine’ took home the Free £10 Bonus. Christine’s response to this win will surely get smile on your face and for that you got to like this site’s Facebook page.

Now, an activity which really needs to be mentioned here is that, Bingo MagiX not only thanked players for using the Facebook promo and but also involved its fans to give feedback on all the activities at the page. The feedback provided by fans during the past few promotions hosted on social networking websites have been extremely encouraging and Bingo MagiX has definitely taken leaf out of it. The ongoing Treasure Hunt campaign at Facebook page is keeping all fans hooked to it already and they know there are many more such offers coming on their way in the near future. So if you have missed out all these action, come and join the happy family of Bingo MagiX’s Facebook page.

Facebook Fans Rejoice the Extra day in February

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Leap Year promos with Bingo MagiX have come to an end but there are some better promos lined up to make your March even more spectacular. First off, congrats to all Facebook Bingo MagiX Leap Year Promo winners. Now it’s time to go Treasure Hunting. Facebook Leap Year Promo on Bingo MagiX has just concluded with the winners announced yesterday. The contest was the talk of the online bingo world from 20th Feb to the last day of the month. The promo offered £10 free bonus for participants of a special quiz conducted through ten days. Member brighty07 deserves a special mention for winning every day and the final bonus offering of £10.

The FB Leap Year Promo on Bingo MagiX was to create winners every single day starting from the 20th of February all the way to leap year day and the promotion was well received by all kinds of players. Liking the Bingo MagiX Facebook page gave players an instant £5 plus access to the ‘Leap into Free Bonus’ quiz game. The first day of the contest gave away £1 to all winners. Players were quizzed and bonus given for making the right answer. Winners from the first day again answering correctly on the second day got £2 and £3 for the third day, £4 for fourth day and so on for subsequent days till the 29th of February. A special deposit promo was also available on 29th February with depositing members getting an additional £20 bonus free. All players on Bingo MagiX got an extra day to get extra bonus and The Leap Year Deposit Bonus on the last day was the cherry on the icing. Top three winners during the Facebook  Leap Year promo were brighty07, mrsmuppet and kimbt25. Players’ fairylightsxx and brighty07 also claimed the free £20 deposit bonus on February 29.

Enough with the past, let’s move on to the  present. March 2012 promo features a special bonus code treasure hunt that promises to be even more fun than the Facebook Bingo MagiX Leap year promo quiz. The promo creates winners twice a week all through the month of March till 31st and the player who gets maximum number of answers right get their hands on the exclusive bonus code (sent via mail). Clues will be hidden in the official Bingo MagiX website, Bingo MagiX lobby and Bingo MagiX Blog. Grab your safari hats, backpacks and goggles,  its time to go Treasure Hunting.

Silent goes Golden at the 84th Academy Awards

Monday, February 27th, 2012

The wait is finally over. The Academy Award winners were announced this Sunday with ‘The Artist’ taking home five Oscars. The black and white silent film was competing against some of the biggest eight names in Hollywood including Brad Pitt Starrer ‘Moneyball’, Daniel Craig starrer ‘The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo’, Steven Spielberg’s ‘War Horse’, Sarah Green starrer ‘The Tree of Life’ and George Clooney starrer ‘The Descendants’.

The 84th Academy Awards night started off with a Billy Crystal skit paying homage to nominations  and a surprise appearance by Justin Bieber helped get the night a ‘18-24 demographic’ like never before.

 The silent film taking home the Oscars for the best movie was expected with Jean Dujardin the star of ‘The Artist’ having won the Bafta two weeks back. Michel Hazanavicius, the director of ‘The Artist’ was elated and said that he was the happiest director in the world after receiving the honour for the best director. Sceptics do not think that this movie would bring back the ‘Silent’ Era back to Hollywood but most actors and directors were all praise for the attempt and the recognition it deserved.

Merly Streep won the best ‘Actress in a Leading Role’ category for ‘The Iron Lady’. Merly had won critics over for her performance that brought to life Margaret Thatcher, who rose through the Conservative Party to become Britain’s first Prime Minister. The mannered portrayal of Margaret Thatcher rising from humble beginnings to rewrite history is one of the best performances by the actress yet. This is the actress’s 17th Oscar nomination in her long acting career spanning over 35 years.

Apart from all the fuzz generated by ‘The Artist’, another film that was in the limelight all night was ‘Hugo’. The film bagged five Oscars for Cinematography, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing and Visual Effects categories.

The best Actor in Supporting Role was won by Christopher Plummer for ’Beginners’ and the award for the best actress in Supporting Role found its way to Octavia Spencer for ‘The Help’. Christopher Plummer became the oldest actor in the history of the Academy to be awarded at age 82. He was seen elated at his elusive Oscar victory and pointed out the similarity between his age and the Academy Award history.

Octavia Spencer had an emotional evening with her describing her state as ‘Freaking out’. She was left standing speechless after running out of her allotted time to speak to the audience. The night was magical for the winners and the audience alike with some brilliant performances and the contemporary shimmer of the Award night staying as vivid as they were eight decades back.

Bingo MagiX Unveils its New Blog

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Welcome to the recently launched blog of Bingo MagiX where players can expect to find all that they need to know about fun things that are happening around them. Anything that is in-the-moment and makes a difference will be lapped up by this blog and presented to the readers. That’s not all, lovers of Bingo MagiX have more reasons to rejoice, as this space will update you with Bingo as well as World News. Add some spice through our Gossip Corner and even refresh your memories and hobbies in the Memory Lane section. With the site’s Facebook page giving away goodies galore, this seems to be the double-whammy season for the players of the site to get all information under one platform about various Special Campaigns.

Let us go back in the memory lane of January Facebook campaign, where there were range of special promotions run on the Facebook  fan page of Bingo MagiX. Players who ‘like’ the page and participated in the January poll had the chance to win special bonuses as well as wonderful Amazon vouchers from the online bingo site. While most players like howlett, fairylightsxx and mrsmuppet won bonus amounts £10, others like xxpinkprincessxx, lennysmyman and mich4263 were awarded special Amazon vouchers worth £10 by the site. Only players registered with Bingo MagiX who shared their email addresses were eligible for the special prize so make sure to register to enjoy such special perks from us.

Apart from the poll, the Valentine Bouquet was another major pull for the players to visit the site’s Facebook page. For correctly answering a simple question every day, players were given a beautiful rose. At the end of this promotion, which was on from the 1st of February to the 14th, whoever had the highest number of roses in their bouquet was awarded a special £10, absolutely free. The lucky winners of this promotion included howlett with a grand total of 10 roses and xxpinkprincessxx with 9 roses. Also, early birds have more to be happy about. Those who were among the top few to give the right answer won an additional free bonus of £2, per correct entry.

If you are one of the lucky fans of Bingo MagiX Facebook page, you would have already been updated about the ongoing Leap Year special promotion and if not; then join the happy club of over 2700 fans and collect your share of free bonuses. ‘Leap into Free Bonus’ will give opportunity to be a part of the fun from 20th to 29th Feb and win every day extra bonuses for uninterrupted bingo fun at Bingo MagiX. Register with Bingo MagiX and be a part of the site’s Facebook page to be among the lucky winners of such exciting promotions.