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Posts Tagged ‘Woman’

This Summer, go Short and Sexy with Cocktail Dresses

Friday, April 19th, 2013

This Summer, go Short and Sexy with Cocktail DressesThe biggest problem for every woman faces whilst dressing up for an occasion is – what to wear. Almost every woman faces this dilemma of wearing the right dress in order to stand out in the crowd. In fact some women even panic for not being able to decide the right outfit till the last minute. For it is just not the dress – to get the right look, there is a bunch of things that a woman needs to take care of. However, the most important thing is to find the ideal dress first. Fashion experts say that be it any occasion, a cocktail dress is a good option. But, again the question here is how to select the quintessential dress that would make everyone’s eyes gaze at you with awe.

Below mentioned are some tips that can assist you in selecting your soul dress.

A classic cocktail dress is supposed to be of knee length. And, in such dresses are also available in a lot of variations. Like, the length of the dress can be above the knee and at times can be even mid-way as that gives an extremely sexy look. The outfit is good for parties and night outs, however not too appropriate for a date.

Fabrics like silk and satin will be good as it sets a perfect a celebration look. But, do not wear anything of floor length. To get that flawless look, it is very important to get a cut in the dress that appreciates your body type. A gorgeous fabric can help in flattering your body type.

A cocktail dress looks great, if the waistline of the dress is slightly above the original waistline. So, you can opt a dress that is slightly above the original waistline. You can either choose a formfitting dress or may be an A-line skirt. In regards to cocktail dress, a black dress is an ultimate choice. However, you can detail the dress by adding accessories that will compliment your dress. Do not overdo also, with too much of accessorizing. If required, you can carry a Paschima wrap as well.

Try to choose dresses in variety of colours. If it is Summer time, then ensure to choose bright coloured dresses, but the only important thing is that the dress should match your skin tone. Next, are shoes! As far as shoes are concerned – high heels like stilettos or decorative flats is a good option.

 By – Angelica Campbell

Quitting Smoking: It is Difficult for Women than Men

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Quitting Smoking It is Difficult for Women than MenIt is commonly stated that quitting smoking is quite a difficult task for many. However, did you know that it is harder for women to quit smoking in comparison to men? It is certainly a bad news for all women smokers, especially for those who are trying to quit. It’s told that women cannot take the advantage of the smoking cessation therapies that are quite effective on men. Being a smoker, not only are you prone to cancers and pulmonary diseases but can also suffer from osteoporosis with aging. Women smokers planning for pregnancy might experience difficulty and the child during birth could have low weight.

A detailed study will let you know as why women face certain difficulties in the process of quitting smoking. And, probably that might let you fight the habit of smoking.

Scientific research states that non-smoker women and a smoking woman have the same number of nicotine receptors in the brain. It’s told that this is something to do with the progesterone levels in the body. Fewer nicotine receptors mean that, they might have the urge to smoke even if the body is exposed to nicotine. This fact implies that women are unable to take the advantage of nicotine replacement therapies. On the other hand, male smokers have a lot many nicotine receptors in the brain in comparison to the non-smoking men. Thus, they can make good use of the non-smoking replacement therapies. And, quitting smoking is easier for men than woman. Studies also state that, women are more dependent on the physical actions related with smoking. And, this includes actions like holding a cigarette in the hands or lips and drawing on it.

Well, this does not conclude the fact that women cannot resign from their habit of smoking. There are a few options to do so: practicing yoga, meditation, deep breathing and even using nicotine replacement therapies that could mimic the act of smoking can help to go a long way in quitting smoking.

If the situation is too severe then one can even consult a doctor for advice. As, at times smoking deteriorates the health of a woman to a great extent, thus steps should be taken to curb it at early as possible. The only reasons that one gets addicted to this habit is stress, peer pressure, advertisement from tobacco companies, losing weight, family issues or exposure to cigarette at home etc. Smoking, however does not solve these issues, the problems anyways still remain there and in turn being addicted to this habit, you move on to ruin your health. It is all about the right support you receive from someone to quit this habit.

Now that you know, how to go about it, stand up and go on to set yourself free from the chains of this habit. Today being World Cancer Day, get started with it! Live life simply and happily J

By- Angelica Campbell

A Woman’s Age decides her Mr. Perfect

Monday, December 17th, 2012

A Woman’s Age decides her Mr. PerfectHere is something very interesting to share out with all the ladies out there! Did you know that your age influences your idea when you are looking out for the perfect man in your life? According to an annual report by by Lovegeist stated that a woman’s age will dictate a lot of characteristics that they will look out for in their partner. The report tracked the changing attitudes of woman towards dating and relationships changed with the passing years in their life. Women over 55 years were the choosiest of all in selecting the guy they wished to date with. And, they were considered to be the woman with utmost standards

Women in the age group from18 to 24 wanted a guy whom they can show off in front of their friends. In fact, 47% of the girls in this age group will choose someone that was approved by their friends. They prefer to date good looking men with six packs and good physical shape. Men with a good taste for music, movies and books are important for the girls in this age group.

Next, is the range from 25 to 34. In this age group two third women aim towards men successful in their careers. Men to qualify themselves for this category will have to be serious about their ambition. Even sexual compatibility is important for people in this age category in comparison to the other age categories. Women in the age group from 35-44 prefer to settle down and are more likely turned on by older men. Around 73% women of this age group will wish to date someone five years senior to them and with someone good at socializing with people. No female of this age category will prefer to date a guy with bad manners.

Following this is the age category from 44-54. Security is the main concern for females in this age range and 95% women in this age range will go for men with whom they can be a bit secure. Looking out for a man with high income is an important criterion for women in this category. They are less picky about the person with whom they are dating and focus more on the guy being settled. In the overall scenario, it has also been found out that women are likely to date men five years younger to them. In the later part of the life, women aim more towards cerebral delights. For women above 55, intelligence and shared values are a concern. It is told that as woman grow older, they become picky and choosy about the person with whom they romance.

By- Angelica Campbell