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Posts Tagged ‘Women’

Worried about Winter Fashion: A Few Fantastic Tips to try out!

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Worried about Winter Fashion A Few Fantastic Tips to Try out!With the cold weather upon us, I know it’s a little frustrating for women, as it is difficult to bundle up the winter outfits and still look great. And, if you really think so then you are absolutely wrong. Just with a little bit of efforts you can look stylish and stay warm and cozy as well. In fact, it is the best time of the year where in you can pull out your smart jackets and those lovely woollies and add a new meaning to your dressing.

However, wearing your woolen stuff you also need to be careful that you do not layer your body too much as you will miss out on the style statement. One excellent idea is to wear good quality wool. For women, the options of getting dressed is much more, in fact they have the option of going ahead to create a style statement of their own.

Here are a few ideas to stay warm and stylish during winters.

  • Coats: The first and foremost is to invest in a good and smart coat. It is an important garment to shun away the cold weather, plus it adds a smart look only if you choose to buy the right one. Coats even assist to compliment your outfit. You must ensure to choose the right colour – picking out a neutral colour is the right option. Brown, black and grey are the colours that can never go out of fashion. Even white looks excellent but you just have to be careful as how neat you can keep it. Plus, it does not give a good contrast with snow. Peacoats are a piece of timeless fashion and are available in excellent colours like magenta, purple, blue etc. faux fur is another excellent example. A few other examples are bomber jackets, trench coats and insulated jackets.
  • Full Sleeved Shirts: Full sleeved fashion shirts are always in fashion and they look really smart too. And, the best way to put on such a shirt is to team it with the right accessories. During an outing, a loose fitted shirt on your outfit is a fantastic option to give that casual look. Wearing a full sleeve shirt underneath a cut jacket is a fantastic option too.
  • Scarves: Scarves have always been a piece of vintage fashion. The option is a fantastic way to complement your clothing. Especially during the windy days, you can protect your looks by carrying a fashionable scarf. Knitted woollen chunky stoles can help to be functional and fashionable as well. There are 25 stylish ways that a woman can carry a scarf. And, available in a variety like shaded, embroidered, floral, polka dotted adds more options for us to try out. And, yes the leopard print continues to be a fashion statement as well.
  • Socks: Another fashion trend in vogue is the knee length socks. Knee length socks can always be paired with short skirts; else you can even prefer to wear stockings or may be the thick tights.
  • Footwear: Winter footwear is an important aspect. Your flip-flops and strappy shoes have to be put aside for spring and summers. Now you will have to go for shoes that will cover more of your skin. Now is the time to pull out your boots, ballerina shoes and the cute tennis shoes. Even the knee high slouchy boots are a remarkable option to give you that smart and chic look.

The above sounds an excellent list of ideas for one to try out. So, this winter make sure to stand out amidst the rest by creating your own style statement. Good Luck folks!

By – Angelica Campbell

How Women are better than Men?

Friday, March 8th, 2013

How Women are better than Men?Today being a day, when all over the world we are celebrating the creation of the most wonderful thing on earth and its woman. She has been intentionally created and designed as an answer to someone’s prayer. A solution to a problem, a gift to the world

Gone are the days, when women had to take stress of home chores and taking care of children. As the world progressed ahead, women started taking up major roles and responsibilities than ever before. Ask a woman now, what are the things she can do things better than men and the answer will be everything. And, the actual answer is also that yes, they can do so.

Here are some funny things to say as why women can be better than men:

  • Women tend to have a neat handwriting in comparison to men. Neat hand writing is associated with feminity.
  • In terms of maintaining good health and hygiene, women top it all. In fact, even a study from the University of Minnesota survey has stated that females follow healthier diets and have stronger immune systems. (Best e.g., Men prefer to eat with their fingers and wipe off their hands on their shirt, so for what purpose is the napkin. One reason for this could be that men are environmentally conscious and would not prefer to waste natural resources.)
  • Women are better listeners, problem solvers, multitaskers and mentors in comparison to their male counterparts.
  • Research even states that women are better in managing money in comparison to men. That is the reason women manage the expenses of the household so well.
  • When woman see the caution sign, automatically they will avoid it. Men on the other hand will come home with their bones broken.
  • Women admit it for being wrong when they actually are. Men will give excuses about being misunderstood and somehow blame it on women.
  • In a first date, women judge how the man eats and acts. Men will try to find out if the girl can find out at least one basketball, football or baseball star.
  • A man can just do what he can and women on the other hand do women do things that men cannot do.
  • Men are better drivers. Even studies, have shown that most automobile accidents are caused by women rushing to get to work, hurrying home to make dinner for their husbands etc. Well, all women need to slow down.
  • Men are even good in speeding while driving. They can be even good in driving without insurance or an expired insurance. Women are sure to be caught in such cases.
  • Women can be better negotiators than men. Any tussle or a altercation, women have the better ability to settle the situation in an easy and pacified manner in comparison to men.

 Well, that’s the truth that women have proven themselves to be better than women J

By – Angelica Campbell

Workplace Conflicts Higher amongst Women

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Workplace Conflicts Higher amongst WomenConflicts at work place are a common issue everywhere. However, did you know this that conflicts at work place can hurt female employees more than the male counterparts? A research states that, when it comes to disputes at a workplace, women get a bad rap. And, this is because women are considered being less likely than their male counterparts to make up for a frayed relationship after a fight at work. Conflicts between two women are considered to affect the job satisfaction of those women in a negative way more in comparison to those between two men or a man and a woman.

It just means, that woman get a bad rap. The researchers even stated that even women believed that conflicts in workplace affect job satisfaction. A research was conducted by Leah Sheperd, a Ph.D candidate from the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business. In the research, poll was taken from 152 workers and 3 conflict scenarios were judged. There were arguments between workers named Adam and Steve, Sarah and Anna, and Adam and Sarah included in the scenario.

The research was conducted by Sheppard along with Karl Aquino, professor at the Sauder School of business. The study stated that in the case of a female-female conflict, there were more negative implications in comparison to the male-male or the male-female conflict. The likelihood of the two managers being able to make up for the relationship was 15% lower for the two women. The participants also stated that the two women were more likely to let the argument influence their job satisfaction in comparison to the male-female or male-male conflicts. Female work conflicts were stated to be more toxic in comparison to other cases.

As per this research, Sheppard stated that there is still a long way to go in regards to the perception of women in the workplace. And, probably their findings and study can help managers increase their awareness of the bias and they do not develop any stereotypes that would guide their decisions on how they would train their teams and leverage the full talent of the female employees.

By- Angelica Campbell

What Men want in a Relationship?

Friday, December 21st, 2012

What Men want in a RelationshipWhat actually men want in a relationship? This question is a frequently asked by women. In fact, this question has been trickling in the minds of women since ages and the question always seems to remain unanswered. The problem is that women think the obvious answer to this is – having dinner and sex. Well, these above mentioned are two excellent components of a successful relationship-however it is just a part of the relationship and not the heart. Mature, emotional men expect a lot, many things from a relationship. Find out a few important things mentioned below that men wish for to enjoy a healthy relationship.

  • Respect: Men wish to be the hero in her lady’s life. And, in the century that we live in makes it difficult and challenging for today’s women does not need a hero. The women of today aim to be independent, carefree and capable of managing their life themselves. However, in a relationship women have to show respect for their man. And, this can be done in numerous ways! You can compliment him on certain occasions. Like, probably if he has fixed something in the house or probably handled a query very well. Showing respect to your man, will make him feel that he is doing the right thing. Vocalizing your respect to him will make him realize the worth of the relationship. (It is human psychology, any human will love to get respect.) Let him be the man of the house and let him provide you things in a masculine way. At times, when he is planning for a special date or something and wants to arrange it all by himself, allow him to do so and you should not be giving too many of your suggestions. (Well, this is again restricted to certain areas, do not show it for a man who is doing things wrong.)

Finally, no man likes the idea of living a life as though in a pressure cooker. Therefore, let him discover you at his own pace. Do not  pressure  him with to know you just in few days.

  • Encouragement and Appreciation: Men appreciate your appreciation! With constant support to your man, you can make your man a better person. Appreciate him, if he has done something special for you. That could be like- a surprise birthday party planned for you, a new dress gifted to you, helped you in decorating the home or could be even preparing the Sunday lunch. Tell him, how his ideas have helped you in your professional work. At times, surprisingly when he gets tea for you at night, it makes you really happy. Do not overdo it! However, in situations where it demands, take a step forward and show it. Doing this, you make him realize that why he is sharing his life with you.
  • Companionship: Be a friend to him. Men love companionship. Men love to go out for a beer with other guys and watch sports with their friends. You would have seen, how much they enjoy with their male friends. Therefore, you too can be a good friend to him or giving him company when he is watching his favourite sport (at least once in a while). And, topping it all is that men look out for women with a sense of humour. The ability not to take things seriously and laugh out loud when things are really funny will make your man feel that you have made the right choice. Enjoy fun activities together as that will make your relationship healthy. When you have chosen each other, you got make your choices lively.  

By- Angelica Campbell