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Posts Tagged ‘Xiaosa’

Dog Beats 500 Cyclists During Mountain Race

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Don’t you just love pet stories? I certainly do and stories such as these convince me that animals are better than humans in more ways than one. This is the story about a Chinese dog that completed 1700km on its cute four paws with cyclists who were touring the country. This dog nicknamed Xiaosa has become an internet sensation and is adored by thousands of dog lovers.

1700 kilometres? That’s just too much isn’t it? And from the videos posted over the internet, seems like Xiaosa completely enjoyed the whole journey. The peppy creature is seen running alongside the cyclists and in some places even waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive.

It all started when someone from a cycling group touring Sichuan province to Tibet offered the dog some food on the way. From then on, Xiaosa has been running with the cycling group and he ran approximately for 20 days covering as much as 60kms every day even climbing 10 mountains on the way.

One of the cyclists put up Xiaosa’s adventures on his blog and it attracted 40,000 followers by the time the race was over. When the cyclists found Xiaosa on the street, she was tired, hungry and after eating the meal cyclists offered her, she started running with them. Whether this was for more food or just her way of appreciating the kind gesture, we’ll never know but she’s one strong little dog.

It is reported that some of the cyclists couldn’t keep up with the group and had to take the bus during the journey which sometimes took the group through 4000 metre mountain climbs. The group had to climb over three mountains in total and Xiaosa scaled over all of them. Cyclists might have quit, but Xiaosa kept on track and finished the race. The cyclist who found Xiaosa now hopes to adopt the dog and give her a good home. We are with you dear cyclist and we hope you give Xiaosa a very nice home in which she can run around as much as she likes.