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Take Care of your Eyes

Take Care of your EyesThere is a saying that “eyes are the window of the soul” and I truly agree to this statement. Eyes are one of the most vital organs of our body and an extremely wonderful gift from God.

Every morning, when I get up and open my eyes to this wonderful world – I feel it is one of the most incredible creations on earth. This beautiful gift, everyone must ensure to take utmost care to keep it free from all kinds of problems. Poor eyesight and a bad vision is a common problem these days. Such problems definitely can be treated but they can also be prevented. With eye treatments being so expensive, it is important to take care of the eyes from an early stage itself.

The first and foremost action towards ensuring a good eye care is hygiene. Eyes being a sensitive organ are prone to infections easily. One cause of infection is germs on our hands, bacterial and fungal elements that can’t be seen. Viral infections can occur to our eyes and people from all ages can be affected by this. As soon as one is infected with this, the person will get itchy and watery eyes. And, if not treated soon, it might cause redness and even swelling around the eyes. The symptoms might vary from person to person, but it is always advisable to visit an optician to stop things from worsening. Sleep is another important aspect of our lives and lack of sleep will give dark circles and puffy eyes that mark a permanent look on the persons face. Therefore, eight hours of sleep is a must for all human beings. And an important note for all girls: please remember to remove eye makeup before going to bed.

Furthermore, the world today is centered with too many technological devices like computers, Television and cell phones. The entire world has become a slave to these gadgets by being dependent on them to the core. Constant staring to the computer, frequent watching of the Television can stress your eyes due to the light emitted from the screen. In today’s world, one certainly cannot avoid computers but can certainly take preventive measures like –maintaining a certain distance from the computers. Also, there are protective shields available for computer screens that are useful in filtering out the direct light emitted from the screens.

At times, our eyes are also infected with seasonal elements like dust, pollution that can cause allergies to our eyes. But, again we cannot walk with eyes closed in our everyday lives, but yes we can certainly adopt certain measures to protect eyes. For example, one can use sunglasses to protect eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. Ski Goggles can be used while hitting down the snowy slopes. Inclusive to the above, one should concentrate on a healthy diet, perform eye exercises regularly, no stress, relax your eyes, maintain hygiene and use of herbal remedies to improve eye health. To visualize a beautiful tomorrow, you must ensure to start up with a good health regime for your eyes from today!

-By Angelica Campbell

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