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The centenary Titanic facsimile sets sail!

Ever since I first heard the Titanic story, I was fascinated by the whole theme of ships, icebergs and the dark chilling Atlantic. When the movie came out, my fascination moved over to obsession. I have been reading, watching and collecting facts, fiction or anything else I could find on the same. Its been a century since Titanic made its maiden tragic voyage to the North Atlantic down taking with it 1500 lives and to mark the centenary of the tragic event, a Titanic Memorial cruise has started tracing back the exact route of the ill-fated ship.

I wish I could have gone on this trip but to tell you the truth it was a bit too much for me to afford at £6000. MS Balmoral has already left Southampton docks carrying 1309 passengers (exact number of passengers on board the original Titanic) and is expected to reach the wreck site over the weekend. There will be a memorial ceremony at the site and reports say that citizens from over 20 different countries are onboard. The best part of this journey is that The Balmoral will follow the exact route Titanic took via Cherbourg in north-west France and Cobh on the south coast of County Cork, Ireland and finally to the wreck site. From there, the ship will make its way to New York, the original destination of the Titanic.

I would have loved to go on the trip dressed as ‘Rose’ and some passengers did think on the same line. Some of them even came dressed in period costumes for the trip, reminiscent of the original journey.  Of the 1309 travellers onboard, most are relatives of the victims and a special service will be held at 02:20 GMT Next Sunday. This will be a very emotional journey for these people and most have brought with them flowers and family artefacts that once belonged to the deceased. I for one think this is the perfect way to mark the event. The decks and the carnival like atmosphere might not be the same, but it would be close to how the actual journey must have been. The Balmoral passengers would even have their meals from the original Titanic menu-talk about attention to detail huh? Wishing everyone onboard a very happy and safe journey!

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