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The Idea of a Perfect Dream Wedding

The Idea of a Perfect Dream WeddingWedding occasions have been one of the biggest highlights in our lives and most of us have planned to make the day one of the most memorable days of our life. People plan out for this day from the early days of their life, by fancying the best possible things that could be fixed up for this occasion. My wedding plans are a bit different unlike the traditional style. It would be something like a wedding in the paradise! If you are one of those future brides, who does not wish to indulge in those lavish weddings inclusive of traditional ceremonies, 200+ guests, requesting for taking thousands of the same type of photographs and above all, an overcrowded reception hall where in you have to say a hello to relatives that you even knew, if they existed. And, at the end of all this, you would be paying something more than £20,000+. Well, I would say a no to all this! My idea of a perfect wedding is quite simple, natural and a hassle free one.

An idyllic location for this would be jetting off to the white sands to host a ceremony on a private beach with the turquoise sea at the backdrop. Travelling down to the wedding destination where in the honeymoon villa would be just a few minutes away from the venue and that sounds a good and affordable investment. Walking down the beautiful sandy beach with sand between the toes, listening to my favourite music lapping against the water edges and sharing these fabulous moments just amidst my nearest and dearest ones is what I wish to indulge in for my wedding. And, whilst I commit to my partner with the exchange of rings during the ceremony, some fantastic moments to be trapped with a few lovely clicks and a toast raised to the union with fine champagne- it all sounds so sensational. Also, to fix up things accordingly, I can hire a professional to guide me throughout this special day. And, what make the wedding even better are the nature’s gifts that I can get to see, like the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, stunning picturesque views, tree shaded gardens and so much more. I probably, will wish this kind of wedding to be a never ending one.

Beach weddings sound an affordable solution and a good investment for one of the most special occasions of life. An investment for all this is much better than the old traditional style of getting married that the society is accustomed to. These days there are so many beach wedding resorts available and each one of them are well known for having given out some good experiences to married couples in the past. You can opt from a unique range of locations. You might just have to do a bit research on some of the best wedding locations on earth. To list out a few places there is Mexico, coastal US like Florida and Southern California, French Riviera Wedding, Greece Beach wedding and so much more. You will have to take your time and dig out some good information before you proceed for the memorable occasion. Well, if marriage plans are scheduled for you ahead, then how about experiencing a wedding in paradise? It could turn out to be one of the most intimate moments of your life with memories assured to last for a lifetime.

-By Angelica Campbell

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